gw rekomendasiin sebelum lo ambil program master, lo cari apa yg sebenarnya jadi passion lo. its so fucking zeitverschwendung kalo lo ambil sesuatu yg bukan passion lo. dan akhirnya kaya gw, telen ludah, lanjutin zeitverschwendung program karena kalo gw wechseln sowieso makin zeitverschwendung. scheisse e...

so people, gw uda daftar nulis thesis semester depan. gw muak ama belajar dan bener2 mw selesein ini zeitverschwendung program secepetnya. MUAAAAAK.

oya, gw ambil thema ttg social housing in Jakarta. berhubung sekarang lagi marak program Jokowi-Ahok program yg mindahin illegal houses around the lake ya kan.. gw pengen ikut mendalami perencanaan suatu kota, dan thesisnya gampang2 susah, warum überhaupt die Sozialwohnungen sinnvoll für Jakarta sind? was ist typisch Indonesische Architektursprache? Kann man die indonesische traditionalle Architektur merkmale in der moderne Sozialwohnungen überhaupt implementieren? wie kann man ein nachhaltige Sozialwohnung, die für Jakarta passen, entwerfen? ca. mind. 150 Seite muss man drüber schreiben.

dafür zusätzlich noch ein Thesis Projekt, oh je. ich bin begeistert dafür.

sebenernya nih kerjaan terinspirasi studio The Why Factory nya MVRDV. beda2 dikit lah kontextnya.. kalo mereka buat strategy buat Jakarta dengan housing dr segala social class dan gabungin cara hidup traditional secara bertahap phasenya. na ja... Super-Kampung heisst der Projekt. mal sehen, was wird passieren bei mir..

btw gw lagi butuh bgt kontak sama dinas tata kotanya Jakarta! kennt jemand einen? hab email geschrieben, bekomme aber bis heute noch kein Antwort!

so.. los geht! nächste Semester wird hart und aber gleichzeitig beende ich der Zeitverschwendung Semester! wow.. bin SEHR begeistert!

Currently listening to: Get Lucky - Daft Punk

Got one exam on Tuesday and another exam next Tuesday and then another fckn exam next Thursday.
Sometime i feel i lost my guts, i shouldnt take this master course. I want holiday. I miss Indonesia. All my brothers are going home this summer :(

Anyway this will be my first Ramadan with Eky.

Being a wife is cool. You got someone cuddled you everynight, when you come home tired, there is someone who cooked for you, you dont have to clean the house alone, you dont have stay up till morning alone doing your fckn project. You have your coffee mate. There is reason to decor your house ;) (planning to buy bistro gardine for kitchen!)

Ciao! Goodluck with all the exams people!

I've been..

Nicole came to visit me last Thursday, she brought me a giant lolipop and i put it in an Arizona bottle. She may be studying in Muenster next semester! Oh je! (Yes, I know, I need to clean the window!)

I've been trying alot of recipes lately, it is nice to have someone to taste your cooks! like what I said, married is awesome! xP

Loving our self builded kitchen set so much! Love to spend time here in the kitchen! Especially in the morning :D

ps: update from us

We've just move in to a new place, a cool old apartment in central Dortmund. The apartment is so cool and i really mean it! It's so vintage and white. But seriously, moving in the middle of semester is just too stressful. Glad we passed it already! Thank you so much for those who helped us! 

Now is time for decorating... oh wait, did i mention that being married is AWESOME? 

the wedding #1

Well, Eky and me are officially husband and wife since Feb 17th 2013. Im so über happy, never thought that being married is THIS AWESOME! We were getting married in Cibubur, Kota Wisata, at my parents place. It was all so suddenly that we only tell and invite our good friends. Sorry about that, but I will post more photos from the wedding! I promise! XP 

drumroll please !

Oh Yes, this is one of my big plan: getting married. I've decided to share it now because I'm so happy now that I can't just shut up and being mysterious. And since all of you were asking, why suddenly. And NO, i'm not pregnant. It's not that suddenly at all, we've known each other since... errr... when I was in Studienkolleg? late 2008? IM SO GONNA WRITE HOW IT'S HAPPENED. so stay tuned..

goodbye 2012, hello 2013

So... Hoa and I are whatsapp-ing about our new years eve party when we were in Shenyang. It was in the club, full of smoke and alcohol, full of creepy people, we cant even dance because it was too crowded. After counting down the night we decided to go home and stop by in Mc Donalds waiting our dormitory gate to be open till 5 am. Yea.. rite.. we were starting the year 2012 with eating burger in fastfood restaurant. What a perfect night.

Time moved so fast and I think I've made some significant changes. Life is so unpredictable. Here my 2012 year review for my self..

January: Ending up my exchange semester in Shenyang. Family trip to Yunnan Province.
February: Beijing for home.
March: Starting my last project of my study. Old friend, old city.
April: Start the gym.
May: Seeing him again, im a happy girl.
June: Having a hard time with sickness during the process of Thesis ending up with Presentation went well, I finally got the BA title.
July: Starting my Hijab.
August: Another holiday in Beijing. Getting hyper-excited when my phone got a call from +966
Sept: New city, new school, new friends. Having a hard time finding an apartment in Ms.
Oct: Paris Project. Start to join the liqo group.
Nov: I sucked Wien Project.
Dec: Frankfurt Project. Planning something big next year..

So my new year eve scene this year is more orderly. Had dinner with my friends from Wismar, played the fireworks, sleep tight without being drunk. Start your year with always being positive. Happy new year everyone!

amusing life

you know the feeling when you've decided an option then suddenly after a while you thought about your decision then you feel regret, because you can do better. im not complaining my decision but.. is it part of life? that even you don't like it, you have to go through it. yes, i think it's just life and im just being human. 

ps: christmast is just in a few days, when i was in Frankfurt i took these photos. yes that's the christmas market in Frankfurt, the houses do look cute huh? im planning to go to chrismast market in muenster this week. after the presentation. happy holiday everyone!

Frankfurt year to year

Went to Frankfurt for a project this end of November. Went to the consulat for the first time to register my passport. Stayed at Sherine's room for 2 days. Had dinner with old friend from Wismar and his GF with Sherine together~ Well, Sherine and I didn't see each other about 1,5 year, the last time I've saw her was just before my Italy Trip, I stop by in Frankfurt before I fly to Lecce from Muenchen. I'm so happy to hear her story again, updating each other with our life story.. Oh... Life is moving too fast. Too fast or im too slow for the world.