Hari ini gw nyusahin Sherine, karena: 

1. Gw sakit perut tapi gw bilang gw tahan kerja.
2. Ga nyampe 1 jam di pabrik sosis, gw ga kuat, pengen muntah, akhirnya gw quit.
3. Yang menyebabkan Sherine juga quit. 
Arggg, gw nyusahin orang.


Tadinya gw ga mau quit dari drueckerei tuh, tapi ternyata siang ini gw dateng ke sana dibilangnya ga ada kerjaan, ya udah, akhirnya gw memutuskan untuk gabung sama Sherine di pabrik sosis yang gw kira bakal besser geworden. Tapi ternyata sodara-sodara, we were working from 5 o'clock to 5 o'clock in the morning. GOKIL. Kaki uda ga ada rasanya, mana pegel dari druekerei blon ilang, uda ditambah pegel sosis. Oh ternyata nyari duit susah.


Sandwich tuna buat bekel. Fitra dan Jansen dapet kerjaan di druckerei, we were so exicited, karena cepet banget dapet kerjaan na, gw sama Sherine juga di telpon, kita disuruh kerja dari jam 2 sampai jam 10 malem. Gw sih dapet kerjaan na ringan, cuma naroin pamflet ke atas tumpukan majalah yang di jalankan mesin, nah, Sherine, Jansen dan Fitra yang kerjaan na parah. Akhirnya kita quit deh cuma tahan sehari. 


Pagi-pagi kita ke FH Nuernberg, Sherine mau ngambil sertifikat apaaaaa gitu di Language Center nya. Ermm, FH Nuernberg is not bad tapi (menurut gw) gedung dan design nya serta tata-letaknya masih bagusan HS Wismar (Sori-sori ya anak Nuernberg, HAHAHAHA)
Dari situ kita jalan-jalan ke kota sambil daftar Zeitarbeit. Daftar di Noris dan di Kuespert. Makan siang di Hongkong Imbis. Habis itu belanja lalu pulang :D Pulang kita bikin fruit cake (ala Sherine yang lezat dan cantik), makannya makan tempe penyet dan ayam goreng sorenya.
*I'm sorry for reporting so late, Im feeling lazy to write.


[08:00-11:00] Breakfast. In front of Sherine's building, es gibt bangku kursi, suasananya enak banget buat duduk-duduk pagi sambil minum teh. Our breakfast today are bread with butter garlic and waffel. 
[12:30-4:30] Bubur kochen in Kak Yamti Haus :D Trus reden-reden deh sampe lama. Kak Yamti baik banget, kita disuguhin makanan mulu ampe mau muntah hehe.
[4:30-6:30] Nonton Quickie Express.
[6:30-9:00] Jalan-jalan ke Stadt bareng Fitra riding bicycle. Pinjem sepedanya Nichole dan Kak Yamti. Hehehehe... Ternyata rumah Sherine deket banget sama Hauptbahnhof, tinggal ngesot dikit. 
Pretty tired, but I was so happy :D

Wismar to Nuernberg


Yuhuu, I finally in Nuernberg, people! After 12 hours sittin' in goddamn train. We transit at Berlin, Alsterwerda and Chemnitz. And Sherine & Gondrong pick us up at 18.30 in Nuernberg Hbf. Woooo, Sherine's house is too cool to live, feel like Iam home. Here some pichas while the long trip and at Sherine sweet house :D


The rules are:
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.
So this is mine:
Thanks to Uthie for the award. I'm so glad that she linked me :D And I would like to nominate these blogs:
  • Sherine (Sherine's twisted mind is cool, interresting and give me more new knowledge, espicially about food.)
  • Radit (His blog full of funniness <-ada ga sih funniness? pokoknya kocak lah ya)
  • Risang (He is very romantic person, I fall in love with his language.)
  • Diva (Her love story is interesting me so much.)
  • Qisthas (My best friend in far far away, I would like you to update your blog honey!)
  • Afifa (She is totally born as a writer!)
  • Yuven (Her blog is all about her, such an intelligent girl!)

New Camera


Today I went to hochschule just for walking around with my lover. He has something to do with Fr. Rieke and Im trying to use my new camera :D Did I tell you that my old camera is broke and I bought a new camera? My Canon 450D has just arrived to my place yesterday :D I bought it from here, the price is same with livingcost in German for 2 months, it's the most expensive thing I got (after my macbook), I hope I can return the money in this summer holiday by working as a part timer.
Im going to Sherin place this weekend, I can't wait till it come. I was planning this Thursday, but there's no cheap ticket at the day, so we decided to use Wochenende Ticket. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, leaving Wismar, new camera, nice friend :D Perfect holiday!
And check out the photos that I already made! (here) Comment and note are really welcome!

I don't know why

My heart is not that sad or that happy but i feel like crying. In instant. 
Maybe just miss being at home.

Banana Fried and Ice Cream in the Afternoon

Today I made Fried-Banana for my Casuya (calon suami Tya - my future husband) to accompany him studying GET1, his exam is on Friday (Wish him luck people!). So, back to the banana, I got the recipe from here. They call it: Amaretto-Bread Fried Banana.  I served the banana with Straciatella ice cream, my Casuya said it taste really delicious (Yes! Finally he said i can cook something delicious!). 

We're having a long chat like we always do and watching Youtube while he want to relax from his Elektrotechnik book. Just that. Since last two weeks my holiday is already begin. I got nothing to do but sleeping and lazying and eating with my Casuya. I think I gained so many weight, though I do diet. Arg, dont complain me about my weight. I know im getting fatter than ever, the more I think about it the more I want to eat more. It scary. 

So, back to holiday, I have to stay in Wismar until last week to know 'Am I pass to the 2.Semester or not?' Yes. I did. I have to wait my Casu's exam over then we're going to Nuernberg in the next 5 days. I planned to get a part time job there to earn some money to me buying some cute Zara clothes (hehe). But also want to have a great holiday, so, me and Sherine are talking about a holiday project. We're gonna have fun to death. Do girly things, take so many photos, try so many recipes, do piknick, have a candle night dinner, exploring shop and so many things that we were talking about. I just can't wait to go to Nuernberg and leave poor Wismar!

Kitchen Blog

Ngiler tempe..!!

Gara-gara berkunjung ke blog salah seorang teman saya yang bernama Sherine dan melihat foto tempe mejeng lengkap dengan sambel kecapnya.. &*^%$^#()! Ngomce-ngomce soal Sherine, resep makanan dan suami-istri (loh kok nyambungce-nya ke sini?). Kalau punya istri kayak Sherine enak kali ya, makanan bervariasi tiap makan, rajin masak, pinter nulis.. Tipe istri idaman para pria bangce! Dari situ mari saya melihat diri saya sendiri. Masak? So wie so, bisanya itu-itu doang. Variasi resep? Mood-mood-an. Yang jadi suami saya? Kasian banget.. HAHAHAHHA.. Tapi begini-begini saya mempunyai kemauan untuk bisa memasak yang besar loh, mudah-mudahan dengan homestay (Gaya beut dah homestay! Numpang aja lo ty!) di Sherine (Seminggu lagi!) skill masak saya bisa bertambah!

By the way, by the way, back to busway, ngomce-ngomce soal blog dan resep makanan lagi nih. Sekarang-sekarang ini, i have a new hobby. Yaitu ngeliatin Kitchen-Blog. Dari blog campuran-nya Sherine (she wrotes some recipes sometimes), blog ibu-ibu rumah tangga Kedai Hamburg, blog Mami-nya Pinkan (yang cake-cake nya bikin ngiler darah *slurp*) sampai blog klub perkumpulan ibu-ibu suka masak di jerman. The more I see them, the more I ngiler-ngiler-an, the more I increase my "i-want-to-eat-feeling", the more I destroy my diet programm, but I just can't stop watching them! Kunjungi deh.. Dan rasakan sensasinya! HAHAHA..

the rules:

  1. Once you told me lie, I'll forgive you. Second lie, I warning you. Third lie, then I have to say goodbye for you.
  2. Don't ever being nice to me cause you feel sorry to me. Go to the hell, I don't need your bless.
  3. You hurt me, I hurt you MORE. I'll make you living in the place named hell.
fuck your fucking bullshit.


Mati aja lw! Hari ini saya kesel sama 2 orang. Eh. 3 orang ding. Seseorang yang ada di Indo yang kerjaannya bohongin saya, seseorang yang terus menghubungi pacar saya dan pacar saya sendiri.

Hello July, here some news:

  • First, I changed my blog layout because I feel the old one was so boring, now it's a lil' bit darker. I don't think the layout is cool enough but at least its changed.

  • Second, I try to write my blog in English. Because I think my English is getting (TOO) worst and my German is not getting yet better :'( So don't laugh me, if I write the sentences with wrong gramatic. Or just correct me.

  • Third, the result of my exam has just come out yesterday. I was so dang happy. I passed! I passed, people! WOOHOOO.. Im going to 2. semester! I wish i can do that smoothly, I promised my self to study harder in the next semester.

  • Fourth, I want to buy a DSLR camera but first I have to get a job. So i can balancing my income and expense. Can anybody else help me to get a job please?

  • Five, I'm overweight. Don't make me more stress with my weight. No comment please.