Banana Fried and Ice Cream in the Afternoon

Today I made Fried-Banana for my Casuya (calon suami Tya - my future husband) to accompany him studying GET1, his exam is on Friday (Wish him luck people!). So, back to the banana, I got the recipe from here. They call it: Amaretto-Bread Fried Banana.  I served the banana with Straciatella ice cream, my Casuya said it taste really delicious (Yes! Finally he said i can cook something delicious!). 

We're having a long chat like we always do and watching Youtube while he want to relax from his Elektrotechnik book. Just that. Since last two weeks my holiday is already begin. I got nothing to do but sleeping and lazying and eating with my Casuya. I think I gained so many weight, though I do diet. Arg, dont complain me about my weight. I know im getting fatter than ever, the more I think about it the more I want to eat more. It scary. 

So, back to holiday, I have to stay in Wismar until last week to know 'Am I pass to the 2.Semester or not?' Yes. I did. I have to wait my Casu's exam over then we're going to Nuernberg in the next 5 days. I planned to get a part time job there to earn some money to me buying some cute Zara clothes (hehe). But also want to have a great holiday, so, me and Sherine are talking about a holiday project. We're gonna have fun to death. Do girly things, take so many photos, try so many recipes, do piknick, have a candle night dinner, exploring shop and so many things that we were talking about. I just can't wait to go to Nuernberg and leave poor Wismar!


::my twisted mind:: said...

i hardly can't wait too till i'm over the exam thingy..

oh tya, we're gonna really have some fun in the coming weeks..


::my twisted mind:: said...

oiya, satu hal lagi, gimana resep nya berhasil kan?

boleh sering2 dicoba tuh..

ChenTya said...

RESEP NYA LANCAR................................

uthie said...

sampe sekarang saya nda ngerti, si Fitrah teh kuliah apaan sih di sana?