Hello July, here some news:

  • First, I changed my blog layout because I feel the old one was so boring, now it's a lil' bit darker. I don't think the layout is cool enough but at least its changed.

  • Second, I try to write my blog in English. Because I think my English is getting (TOO) worst and my German is not getting yet better :'( So don't laugh me, if I write the sentences with wrong gramatic. Or just correct me.

  • Third, the result of my exam has just come out yesterday. I was so dang happy. I passed! I passed, people! WOOHOOO.. Im going to 2. semester! I wish i can do that smoothly, I promised my self to study harder in the next semester.

  • Fourth, I want to buy a DSLR camera but first I have to get a job. So i can balancing my income and expense. Can anybody else help me to get a job please?

  • Five, I'm overweight. Don't make me more stress with my weight. No comment please.


::my twisted mind:: said...

1st of all, gw mau bilang: congrats ty!! u've definetely made it!! yay...lulus!! i'm happy for you. masalah menulis dalam bahasa inggris,gw juga berjuang mempertahankan bahasa inggris gw, biar ga ilang gara2 belajar jerman, makanya nulis blog nya diusahakan lebih sering bahasa inggris, biar deh grammar berantakan atau dibilang sok bule, yang penting gw ga mau bahasa inggris gw ilang!!huhu..lalu, masalah kerja, ada lowongan nih. syaratnya:
1. student
2. punya lohnsteuerkarte
3. seminggu 4 hari kerja
4. sehari 6 jam
5. bersedia ditempatkan dimana saja
6. bersedia lembur
7. bersedia tidak dibayar

mau ty? hahaha...

masalah berat badan, i've gained some more too this week..harus rajin sit up..perut gw dah tambah buncit nih..hiks!!

Anonymous said...
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