short update

  1. I´m going to stay longer in Nuernberg since my boyfriend got a new job in München this week.
  2. I´m going to Prague this weekend.
  3. I worked in C&A, Trolli, Nürnberger Schlütterei and Drückerei secara mengacak dan sebentar-sebentar. Not so big money but enough for this holiday.
  4. I think I gained my weight.
  5. 17 Agustusan: MERDEKA. (pic: nuansa merdeka walopun tanpa bendera merah putih.)


::my twisted mind:: said...

yayyy!! Prague here we commeeeee!!!!

erna ghazi said...

hi...ur blog menarikla...
u buat course apa di Wismar.
tell more about wismar and the weather...
can we get to know each other...? name is Erna.dari Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.

ChenTya said...

hi erna,
thk u for visiting my blog..

i took studienkolleg in WIsmar, its like pre-university. i´ll write more about wismar and the wheather =) maybe after i go back to wismar

so, r u going to wismar?

erna ghazi said...

r u still on holiday?

yup..this coming 4th september..
ill be arriving at berlin tegel most probably around 1.30pm on the same ill be taking train to wismar..any suggestion and tips?

im taking architural lighting design...n this is my first time studying in foreign country..n im so hope u can give me some advice regarding the life in wismar....

take care..hope to hear from u soon.

Erna ghazi

ChenTya said...

ach sooo..i know some people that taking lighting design as their major (there also 1 malaysian too), pretty cool...

the weather there is unpredictable. somehow really cold somehow really hot, but mostly cold & windy (coz wismar is near the sea). and its becoming terible when winter come. but wismar is a nice place to study. i promise u!! oyea, and the living cost is not so expensive comparing to other city. u#ll like wismar!!

yea, im still in holiday till 14 september, but i probably go back to wismar this weekend. my macbook is not by my side so i cant online everytime :´(

erna ghazi said...

ok..thank u for the info...
have a nice holiday..
if there's anything ill msg u..
my email

hope 2 see u there...if u dont mind to show me around wismar :D

the malaysian tu..male ke female?
chinese eh?

so take care.

ChenTya said...

your welcome, er!

so mine is:
msg me if u need a help! hehe do you have room already in wismar?

the malaysian yang itu male..

k, c u in wismar!