3 minggu menuju libur

Seminggu ini kerjaan gw bikin to do listttt mulu. Uda gw bikin trus ilang, gw bikin lagi. Rajin banget ya gw. Lebih tepatnya ga ada kerjaan haha.

Setelah gw tela'ah-tela'ah nih ye, sampai 3 minggu lagi gw harus melewati 4 fase dulu. Fase Physik Klausur. Fase Chemie Kontrolle. Fase Mathe Klausur.

Doain gw ya. Cepet libur.

bla bla in Bibliothek

So Iam sitting here, in the middle of Bibliothek hall, typing a post on my 'janjinya-mw-nulis-tiap-hari-but-no' blog with my boyfriend 'almost-broken' laptop.

Today i have three class, actually i dont really hate monday coz my class-plan is not that bored. I dont feel bored with Physik too lately, maybe coz im now a technik Student almost wanna be. (Hahaha.. the truth is i got some good score on last theme in Physik, so im startin to like Physik as i can!)

I have Deutsch homework to do and some Integral Questions to solve, but its not too necesarry. I can do those at night before i sleep. I dont have any of hard Kontrolle this week so i can a little moreeeee breathing. I want to feel more enjoy in this last three weeks before Christmast break come, although i have Physik Klausur next monday (huhuhuhu im starting to like physik but still can hide my affiuntly nervous about it).

Talking about christmast break, do u guys already had a plan for it? I no. Somebody give me a new plan? Coz i was thinking to stay in Wismar in Christmast and New Year. Hahahahha... Studying, for my FSP on January. What do you think? I kinda want to change it.. more fun, more new, more everything.. but i dont know.. depend on my boyfriend too..

Hmm... my boyfriend is so annoying, i was sitting here becoz of him! In the morning he said, we're going to Lidl and buy a turkische bread after my class end, and we're gonna have a selfmade kebab to eat this dinner. BUT. Now, he still doing his elektrotechnik things and want me to just sit here. I was asking him that i want to go home first, but he said he needs just not so long to finish that things.

Oya, today was snowing again, but only a hour and then the sun come out and spread his hot and melt the snow. Thats good. Coz today i take my bicyle and if it snow, than i cant ride my bicycle, coz its too slick. Yes yes yes sunny sunny sunny day in winter.

Cong;s Bday Party

My dear friend Cong is 20, and we got a Hotpot party in her room last night. It was so fun! The food are crazy delicious (erm.. except at Erick's tongue :P) and we were like eating ton of cake, we we're wondering that tomorow our weight will gain 2kilos. Drinking good taste of wine. And have fun till mid night (except Qing, he was drunk before midnight by many glass of martini and sleep in the toilet)

And when we're playing card, suddenly the snow is fall. I was so happy, that was the first now of the year. We're quickly finish the card and wear up our jacket and go outside! Laughing so loud like crazy and have a short snow fight. We hit Cong so bad coz it is her birthday! Hahaha..

More photos: KLIKHERE

Anyway next friday is Erick;s bday! Can't wait!

buat contekan gw besok neh, jgn heran.

program Quader;
uses wincrt;
Writeln('Berechnung des Volumens,der Oberfläche und der Raumdiagonalen von Quadern');
Write('Geben Sie die Länge des Quaders an: ');
Write('Geben Sie die Breite des Quaders an: ');
Write('Geben Sie die Höhe des Quaders an: ');
writeln('Das Volumen beträgt: ',V:6:2,' VE');
writeln('Der Oberflächeninhalt beträgt: ',Ao:6:2,' FE');
writeln('Die Raumdiagionale beträgt: ',d:6:2,' LE');

program Gruss;
uses wincrt;
writeln('Liebe Seminargruppe SWW,');
write('ich begrüße Sie im Rechenzentrum');

program Vorstellung;
uses wincrt;
Write('Mein Name ist Computerina. Wie heißt Du? ');
Write('Ich freue mich ', name,', Dich kennenzulernen.');


from your eyes, i saw tears roll down
and i realized that having a difficuly life and cring at times are not unpleasant

2. Semester (najong pr nya banyak banget)

Sampe-sampe jarang buka laptop, sampe-sampe bokap gw nanyain gw kemana aja, sampe-sampe janjian chatting seribu bahasa sama sepupu gw tertunda padahal besok dia uda mau pergi ke US (duhhh maaf ya sayang), sampe-sampe gw makan sehari cuma sekali (heheheh diet juga sih, antisipasi winter), sampe-sampe...

Pokoknya semester 2 asoy banget deh. Jede Woche habe ich entweder Klausur oder (viele) Kontrolle. Sampe libur natal tiba. Ah damn! Udah akhir tahun aja tiba-tiba. Sumpah tahun ini tuh tahun paling ambigu bagi gw. I dont know why. Gw ga bisa nilai nih tahun. Yang jelas gw banyak kerja keras di tahun ini (dibanding tahun-tahun sebelumnya di selama gw hidup). Transisi menjadi dewasa kali ya. Am I?

Gw pengen cepet-cepet tahun baru. Which is 2 bulan lagi. 2 bulan itu kilat loh. Ah. Gw mw cepet-cepet lulus studkol. Dan kuliah. Balik indo dulu deng baru kuliah. Trus kuliah dengan bener sambil menikmati masa kuliah. Sotoy gw. HAHAHAHA. Kuliah di Jerman mana bisa menikmati hidup. Ada juga belajarrrrrrrr mulu tiap hari ampe muntah-muntah otaknya. Tapi ada satu cara, HOHO, kita harus membuat belajar adalah hobby. Baru deh. Nikmatilah kuliah di Jerman! (Mulai tahun depan gw mau menerapkan belajar itu hobby, sekarang.. sudah mulai sih, tapi mood-mood an)

Ingetin gw ngisi blog teratur ya.. Huhuhuhu.. I just want to float it out..