bla bla in Bibliothek

So Iam sitting here, in the middle of Bibliothek hall, typing a post on my 'janjinya-mw-nulis-tiap-hari-but-no' blog with my boyfriend 'almost-broken' laptop.

Today i have three class, actually i dont really hate monday coz my class-plan is not that bored. I dont feel bored with Physik too lately, maybe coz im now a technik Student almost wanna be. (Hahaha.. the truth is i got some good score on last theme in Physik, so im startin to like Physik as i can!)

I have Deutsch homework to do and some Integral Questions to solve, but its not too necesarry. I can do those at night before i sleep. I dont have any of hard Kontrolle this week so i can a little moreeeee breathing. I want to feel more enjoy in this last three weeks before Christmast break come, although i have Physik Klausur next monday (huhuhuhu im starting to like physik but still can hide my affiuntly nervous about it).

Talking about christmast break, do u guys already had a plan for it? I no. Somebody give me a new plan? Coz i was thinking to stay in Wismar in Christmast and New Year. Hahahahha... Studying, for my FSP on January. What do you think? I kinda want to change it.. more fun, more new, more everything.. but i dont know.. depend on my boyfriend too..

Hmm... my boyfriend is so annoying, i was sitting here becoz of him! In the morning he said, we're going to Lidl and buy a turkische bread after my class end, and we're gonna have a selfmade kebab to eat this dinner. BUT. Now, he still doing his elektrotechnik things and want me to just sit here. I was asking him that i want to go home first, but he said he needs just not so long to finish that things.

Oya, today was snowing again, but only a hour and then the sun come out and spread his hot and melt the snow. Thats good. Coz today i take my bicyle and if it snow, than i cant ride my bicycle, coz its too slick. Yes yes yes sunny sunny sunny day in winter.

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