Cong;s Bday Party

My dear friend Cong is 20, and we got a Hotpot party in her room last night. It was so fun! The food are crazy delicious (erm.. except at Erick's tongue :P) and we were like eating ton of cake, we we're wondering that tomorow our weight will gain 2kilos. Drinking good taste of wine. And have fun till mid night (except Qing, he was drunk before midnight by many glass of martini and sleep in the toilet)

And when we're playing card, suddenly the snow is fall. I was so happy, that was the first now of the year. We're quickly finish the card and wear up our jacket and go outside! Laughing so loud like crazy and have a short snow fight. We hit Cong so bad coz it is her birthday! Hahaha..

More photos: KLIKHERE

Anyway next friday is Erick;s bday! Can't wait!

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