5 things

  1. Viikii. Where to watch korean drama with deutsch subtitle. You got fun and gleichzeitig you got new vocabs too. Viikii help me to kill my time lately. I usually open this website with this or this.
  2. I know im kind of late, but this song playing in my brain like 24/7 HAhAHAaH

  3. Politik Indonesia di tahun 2009 - haruskah kita beri kesempatan?
    I dont really know about politic, but im totally agree with this article. Lets give SBY the second change!
  4. How to dance in the club for basic! For you that naturally cant dance (thats me haha), try this one (klik), or this one (klik), or just this one (klik).
  5. Play PetSociety! Its totally fun. Mine is still poor ;(

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