rekap 2008

  • Weigh 50kg (I was! After Ramadhan my weight was 50 kg, my mom was like "Did you it everyday in Bintaro?" ::I was living in Bintaro as a 'kos-kos-an' Sprachkursstudentin::, But after i came to Deutschland, i destroyed all. Damn!)
  • Write a short story and publish it in some magazine. (I dont even try to write one >.<)
  • Write a novel. (I dont even try to write a short story, how bout novel? Gar nix~!)
  • Get a Studienkolleg. (I was rejected by FH Coburg ::my first Aufnahmepruefung::, that time I was so nervous, but then I prepared enough for Koethen and Wismar and I passes! I choose HS Wismar coz the place is better than Koethen.)
  • Graduate from Studienkolleh for just 1 year. (Studienkolleg was hard for me coz my German is so bad, but i try to not 'wiederholung' it. Yea, i passed the first semester with a really low scores and now im in the second semester, i got a better Vornote and hoping i can pass the Festellungpruefung in this January WITH A GOOD SCORE. Amin)
  • Dont play with something name BOYFRIEND or WHATELSE. (I flinch it, i have a boyfriend for the first 4 months in 2008 and then we broke up, i mean he left me in the name of bullshit "u deserve a better man than me". And then i have a new boyfriend till now.)
  • Write my diary book regularly. (I forgot to bring my diary book when i come to Deutschland, so i never write it again, but i make a new blog!!! I managed 2 blogs, one in Wordpress and one in Blogger ::the old one::, i stop writing in Wordpress coz it keep too many memories about 'my-4-months-ex-boyfriend'. And i stop writing in the old one Blogger coz it full of childish thingy and also full of 'my-almost-9-months-ex-boyfriend' things. So i decided to make this blog. And also my blog about me and Fitra but it private ;D)
  • Trip to other country. (In summer i went to Prague with my friends, living in Deutschland is also a long trip too haha)
  • Make a portfolio for my university things. (I changed my mind about major that i want to study, i was falling in love with Design till i go to Wismar. I still falling in love with Design but now im more into in Architecture, and wish me luck for next year!)
  • Buy a DSLR Camera. (I finally buy Canon 450D with half my fathers money and half mine)
  • Become more religious. (I have done so many offences, i think i become more not religious.)

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