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Tantya Dima Mediana


Characteristics & Personality:
1. Wolves like to be called "eccentric"
2. Wolves have their own way of doing things
3. Wolves value time alone and space
4. Wolves don't like having their pace disrupted
5. Wolves don't say much
6. Wolves are good at taking charge
7. Wolves have an amazing chronological memory
8. Wolves don't mind performing simple tasks
9. For some reason, Wolves love to drive
10. Wolves like to watch things in motion

You are Brown Wolf, who is innocent, pure and honest type of woman.
Although you seem like a difficult person to get to know, and the way you are indifferent to your surroundings makes you seem like a saucy person, you really are generous and do not think much about your own advantages.
You are not a sentimental sort of person, and will go on no matter how difficult it seems.
You are also able to take on lots of duties at once.
You can not stay in one place for a long time, and will go on moving on to new environments.
You weakness is that you lack endurance.
You are born good natured and a hard working person.
But you can not carry things out efficiently, and lacks neatness.
This makes you have a disadvantage.
Nevertheless, you have great inquiring mind, and to something that interests you, you will go investigating into it deeply and thoroughly.
You will be able to find and come out with your own unique idea.
You don't care what the others think of you, and will stay faithful to your own way of living.
You don't look back to your past or keep on dreaming about the future. You stay in put with reality.
You are rather optimistic, and can overcome any situation quite easily.
After getting married, you will be a family loving devoted housewife.

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