So, happy chinese new year everybody!

I celebrate chinese new year with my friends. We cook "jiaozi" together (photo upcoming!). The Jiaozi taste so super!!! And also so tired (but happy :D). Ich bekomme keine Angpao diesen Jahr :( Ich vermisse auch meine Eltern und mein Brueder.

And today my FSP Ergebniss is come out, i've got only 2,9 (I know this is bad), but egal. Sowieso bleibe ich nur in Wismar ;) Wish me luck for Studium yah....

And im going to Indonesia soooooooooooooooooooon (yea!!!).


raddie said...

walaaahhh.. gw juga bikin Jiaozi kemarin...huahahhaha... ternyata gampil bikinnya!!!

Music and Friendship said...

ty, balik indo kapan? jadinya kuliah di wismar?