I thought my bday this year will be boring, BUT..........

I HAD SO MUCH FUN TODAY! you know what?
  1. I spent the midnight to 23 jan with my boyfriend, iam studying CHEMIE and my bf study something about GrundlageElektroteknik. It was quite boring. But i dont really care my birthday since i know i still have exam to do.
  2. In the morning, i was still with Chemie.
  3. Chemie and chemie again till lunch.
  4. Then Chemie is end.
  5. I go to Stadt after chemie, i bought a birthday present for myself :) a new coat with just 15 euro (it is a final sale from 80euro). I was so happy, i really like the coat, i already like it from 2 months ago, but its still too expensive. and now, i got it. the last coat with size 36. YAY!
  6. After h&m (place where i buy the coat), i go to c&a. I shop again. This time i buy some new underwear. They are sale like crazy. Fyi, u can find a clothes for just 2,5 euro in c&a. With nice style. Cheap prise.
  7. And then i go to Netto.
  8. Go home.
  9. Open my macbook. Open my email (so manyyyyyyy email from facebook). And then i flashly open facebook. And i was like "OH MY GOD, THK U SO MUCHHHH". I got so many wishes & greetings. I was so so so so happy and cant stop smiling!
  10. And some of my goodfriends poked me, just to say Happy bday from ym. So HAPPY!
  11. Then Erna come to my house. And i recieved my bag, souvenier from Prague and some Chocolate! THANK U SO MUCH ERNA ;)
  12. I cleaned my house for tomorow.
  13. Guess whose coming? All my indonesians friends. They bring cake and food (Choirul make somay!!!). Try to surprise me. But i got this damn Stomachache. Sorry guys, to let u wait so long!!!! BUT I REALLY THK U AGAIN!!! Iam so happy. Really happy. You guys really make my day ;)
  14. Oh! Sherine phoned me. And after the party, i checked her blog and find my name at her cake. YUHUY! Thats so cute!!!!! (mau dong... dikirim kue nyahh.. hehe)
once again, thk u for the birthday wishing, i really love today, and i love u too!!!!

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::my twisted mind:: said...

hoi, skali lagi, happy birthday yaaaa, glad to know that u had a great birthday bash today! btw, baca postingan terbaru di blog gw!!

gw mendoakan supaya chemie bisa lulus dengan baik..

it's ur birthday, what can i say? it suppose to be fun!! enjoy the blasts..