tag ikan kembung na jeng Sherine ^^&

15 Things About Me That You Should Know:

- I do like Wismar. Even the town is SO BORING. Somehow.
- My hair was always short for 4 years, now im planning to grow it LONG.
- I'm tired of wearing glasses, im planning Lasik for 2-3 years later.
- I'm a planner. I planned everything before i do everything.
- My clothes are mostly pink and brown, i don't know why.
- Even i graduated Studienkolleg with not that bad score, i speak a really sucks German.
- I want to marry a man like my father.
- I was having a dream of young marriage, but now i think i'll finish my study first then get married.
- I like to make a revenge, so don't mess with me.
- I'm half chinese, half javanese. Thats not important anyway.
- I went to middleschool in Beijing, that's why i can speak chinese.
- I have two huge young brother :)
- Everytime when i hear The A La Menthe - Nikk Furrie, i remember that pain.
- I don't have cellphone and i don't feel weird.
- I love DESIGN, my dream was to be a fashion designer. But now i'm an architecture student.
- My mama is a very bery religious one and i miss her SO MUCH.
- I love taking picture. Don't ask why. I take picture anytime anywhere egal with everyone.

So, im gonna tag Mutia, Pinkan, Diva, Uthie, Radit.

Have fun! Do yours!!


::my twisted mind:: said...

good..peer sudah dikerjakan dan diteruskan dengan baik..hahahahaa..


uthie said...

halah ty, hahahaha gue kena :p
tapi bagus deh, jadi ada bahan buat posting :D

i'm doing my homework, miss ;)

Diva said...

hi dear,

I've done my homework;)


katea said...

udah ty.. hoho

Anonymous said...

Teilweise ziemlich verwirrend!