1. I was thinking to move my school to Beijing HHAHAHAHA i know this was crazy, my mother was giving me the permission but my father doesnt let me to :(
  2. My very best best best friend is in the town for 1 week and after that he'll go back to KL. We finally available to meet after 1,5 years. It supposed to be today but suddenly my mood changed. I think i'll reschedule it tommorow.
  3. Im taking the IELTS preparation, which is so hard and so.. HARD. Coz i got a very low english level.
  4. Im so jeloussssssssssssss with Marshall photos! HAHAHAH.. i miss them, my friends in Wismar :( They tell me they have a clearance sale in Wismar and everythings are under 20 euro! Damn damn damn, too jelous.
  5. Dont you see my new facebook profile photo? My brother took that. And then i also took him some picture. Put it later in Flickr, when the month change to April. I already used the quota over limit. Is there somebody buy me a pro account? HHAHAHHA i wish i have!!
  6. The Real Estate is not giving me the answer yet. Oh. Please give me the answer so schnell wie moglich!! I have plans..... The internship must be going in April then i can go to Yogyakarta with my family in May, oh please please make everythings alright so the plan goes alright too...
  7. I have a terrible sick these days, my blood pressure is very low (its only 85/65) so everytime im standing up, i feel everything black out and senseless.
  8. Im still make my stay in Jakarta a secret. I only tell my very very best friends. Maybe till......... i make up the internship. Maybe not.
  9. Everyone ask me, what are you doing in Indo with that very long vacation? Hm.. I dont know too.. I spent mostly my time at home, doing nothing.. I kinda like being at home, just resting all day, have a long chat with my family, clean my room (yesterday i just clean out my closets, it took me 4 hours with help! GOSH, i dont know i have so many clothes!), planning the next 3 months (haha), beside study the IELTS together with my brothers and teaching Physik to a class with 24 students in it.


rusiana luthfie said...

work hard study hard but also party hard ya tyaaaa! hehe:p

ChenTya said...

:) iyahhhhhhhhh... tapi mari mencoba bersusah susah dahulu bersenang senang kemudian heheh