a lil update between lunch time

  1. I'm gonna post about what i do in my Vorpraktikum later. After i finish it all. Which will be next week! Finally!
  2. Just fyi: I'm starting skip the work time after lunch yesterday.
  3. My face became so tan. Don't care bout it. But.. not before i go to Lazuardi!!!! Huhuhuhu..
  4. I listen to german song lately.
  5. I have a homework from Sherine, that i promised to finish it yesterday. BUT. I did'nt make it. I don't know how to put the images and lazy to download those one by one.
  6. My boyfriend is leaving Indonesia last week. And i don't even meet him at Airport. And we were having a BIG FIGHT. But now everything is fine.
  7. I'm so dying to buy a new lens for my canon.
  8. I'm so dying to buy a pro account in Flickr. 25 dollar pro year. Huhuhu..
  9. Im planning to go to Pulau Birah with Tomo and the others. But it still a plan.
  10. I wanna go to KL! My dad said ok. But i'm lazy if i have to go alone :( I don't really into the place too.. The only thing i want to go to Malay was because my friends are mostly there. Huhu. Prefer to go to Thailand but, again, lazy if alone.
  11. My best best very best friend from highschool, qisthas, is going home next month...
  12. I'm reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, i borrow the english version and also it's a hardcover one from the library of my old highschool. Actually my brother borrowed it for me ;)
  13. I stop learning IELTS. HAHAHAHAH. I'm too busy with work. And i decided to skip it till................................. i have to do it. HAHAHAHAHA.
  14. I miss Wismar.
  15. I have a very bad mood lately. Don't mess with me..

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rusiana luthfie said...

semangat teruus yaaaa tyaaaa!!! everything will be just fine,dear!