Our Pop-Up Book

It was a school project that i worked with Anica, Hoa and Nicole :) We have to make a pop-up book from a Franz Kafka's story. Yes, it is "The Methamorphosis". A very weird story, i think. Because the story was very sad and no happy ending.

PS: We got "Excellent!" word from Prof. Onnen-Weber! Prost!

this is the cover
Page 1: Gregor still a normal human infront of the door, he worked as a bussinesman and travelled around the world.
Still Page 1: Inside the door, Gregor is already transformed. He got nightmare and woke up the next day as a cockroach. He cant get up from his bed. The time never stop. He still a cockroach. He cant go to work until his boss come to see him. But he still a cockroach. He lost his job. He cant earn money. His family think he's trouble.
These are Gregor's eyes, when the first time he saw his family and his boss shock of him.
All shock. Mother is falling down to the floor. Father is very angry and contempt, he thinks Gregor is insult and he whale him with the stick on his hand. The boss is very shock.
All his family member become stranger and stranger to Gregor. Gregor is no more human. He ate, sleep, speak and think as a Cockroach. His room is very mess. But his sister still come to feed him. Although the food is trash. His sister slowly tired of taking care of Gregor. There is a big distant already.
Gregor always stay in his room. His family jailed him in his room. His family dont want anybody else know about him. Sometimes Gregor heard his family talk about him through the wall. He miss his time as a normal human.
One day, Gregor did something bad. He came out from his room and mess everything. His father's getting very angry. And strikes him with apples. He is injured and dead.
His Family are happy because his dead. And then they begin their new life with a new hope. Without Cockroach.


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keren sayangkuh po upnya..hehe

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keren!! sumpah keren..

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dah lama gak ksini ty... dan popup book nya keren bangeeet!! i love kafka, dan apa yg lo bikin itu mnurut gw ssuai banget sama karakter buku2nya kafka

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