Procrastination : LEVEL UP!


first, happy eidul adha for all Muslim all over the world! I have celebrated the adha with my indonesian friends. last friday we had a nice gathering :P with Sop Buntut and Ayam Goreng.

secondly, i've done my Tragwerksplanung Aufgabe, still got a few questions that im going to ask my friends next monday but overall im done!

thirdly, i've spent my weekend playing BIG2.5 with GINCUY and MY BF! this is a crazy virus. damn.

and now, better to close my macbook and do my drawing! ahhhhhhhhhhh i want more weekendddddddddddddddd

Stegreifaufgabe 4: PAPP - Stuhl aus Pappe :)

we have to make a chair from carton! yes carton! mine was so-so, the prof said the idea is good.. but we shall work more 'clean'.. na ja, its our last project from Entwerfen & Gestalten I this year.. next year will be start with another presentation from our new project: Villa! Finally we'll design a house!

back to the chair, here some pictures for you ;)

its my chair, i worked with Nicole, we made a couch.. its look like a frank gery chair (na ja einbischen!)..

one day at my school

perfect night, perfect sky :-)

but we sit at computer-room doing our project from Prof. Roemhild :-( LOOK! how serious Philip is!

all because this simple cottage... you caused us stress!!

then Hoa said "waaaaaaa, dont be so stressful tya! but lets become crazy together :P"


I WAS SO FUCKING UNLUCKY TODAY. or maybe for the rest of the month.
  1. today after me and my friends saw "New Moon" at the cinema, I LOST THE KEY OF MY BIKE.
  2. the bike isn't mine. it's Andy's.
  3. i was so hopeless and helpless, decided to break the key and thx God, i made a mistake by locking the bike, so it was so easy to break. BUT I MISSED the lock there. actually i LEFT the lock there. honestly the lock is locked at the bike-park-beam.
  4. so finally i went home with bike but without the lock.
  5. in the middle of my way to home, i realized that i was so slow than the others, although i swang my pedal so quick. I REALIZED THAT MY WHEEL HAS NO AIR ANYMORE.
  6. so i walked my bike till home. ALONE. coz im a good friend and dont want my friends waiting for me.
  7. i was so damn tired, i cannot feel the cold weather. i was so damn tired, i cant even walked my self home!! i was like 1km/h.. shit
  8. AND this is the peek of my day: im still got alot of homework. i dont even start to do one in this weekend. IM JUST NOT IN THE MOOD! (actually i dont know how to start, i dont understand how to do the homework :()


Woohoo.. Besok sudah Senin lagi, yang menurut kamus gw, kalau Senin sudah jalan, lanjut sampai Jumat ga ada istirahatnya (rasanya). Setiap hari musti bleibt di kampus sampai langit gelap baru pulang. Pulang ngurus sana ngetik sini beres-beres dikit, sudah waktunya tidur. Sumpah Wochenende sangat berarti bagi gw! Walaupun kadang-kadang (kaya hari ini) gw harus masih ngerjain tugas. Searching tugas dikit, bikin Modell dikit, bikin gambar dikit.

Dan..... Wochenende kali ini gw tetep di Wismar (HYAEYALAH!). Kemarin Wisnu masak Bakso! Iyah! BAKSO! Sayangnya, baksonya ga enak! HAHAHAHA! Sayang padahal kita pakai 1 kg daging sapi cincang :( yang berakhir di kasi ke Michi (kucingnya si Carsten, temen deutsche kita)

PS: Minggu depan mungkin kita mau ke Berlin! Mw makan Kubideh!


Snow at November (zu frueh!!)

Morning till night, snowing all day! What happen to Wismar? Last year not even once snowing, and this year snowing at the first of November? Oh i wish for a warm winter!


Aktzeichnung 2

I drew those very bad. I know. The model was not so pretty as the last model and she changed her position every 3 minutes. It making me stress! Somebody tell me how to be a good drawer?


I have no hobby and i study architecture (LOL)

now i can understand this sentence. architecture took almost my 15 hours a day. gosh! somedays i cant sleep well cause of the deadline or the presentation that i have to do in the next day.

my messy room is getting more messy. my desk is full of drawing paper and books that supposed to be read.

i even work in messy studio too LOL (cant complain this one!).

but afterall, i kinda like my new activities. God know the best and lets do the best!