I have no hobby and i study architecture (LOL)

now i can understand this sentence. architecture took almost my 15 hours a day. gosh! somedays i cant sleep well cause of the deadline or the presentation that i have to do in the next day.

my messy room is getting more messy. my desk is full of drawing paper and books that supposed to be read.

i even work in messy studio too LOL (cant complain this one!).

but afterall, i kinda like my new activities. God know the best and lets do the best!


uthie said...

hihihihihihi. messy desk itu biasa ty, mejaku juga ga pernah bisa beres. beres sebentar udah berantakan lagi ;)

aih, minggu depan juga diriku mulai studio -.-

uthie said...

eh, ada penggaris segitiga juga!
*serasa deja vu* :p

ChenTya said...

hehehe penggaris segitiga senjata pamungkas~! gw punya 3 yg serupa tapi tak sama! :P

architekturrrr oh architektur !!