I WAS SO FUCKING UNLUCKY TODAY. or maybe for the rest of the month.
  1. today after me and my friends saw "New Moon" at the cinema, I LOST THE KEY OF MY BIKE.
  2. the bike isn't mine. it's Andy's.
  3. i was so hopeless and helpless, decided to break the key and thx God, i made a mistake by locking the bike, so it was so easy to break. BUT I MISSED the lock there. actually i LEFT the lock there. honestly the lock is locked at the bike-park-beam.
  4. so finally i went home with bike but without the lock.
  5. in the middle of my way to home, i realized that i was so slow than the others, although i swang my pedal so quick. I REALIZED THAT MY WHEEL HAS NO AIR ANYMORE.
  6. so i walked my bike till home. ALONE. coz im a good friend and dont want my friends waiting for me.
  7. i was so damn tired, i cannot feel the cold weather. i was so damn tired, i cant even walked my self home!! i was like 1km/h.. shit
  8. AND this is the peek of my day: im still got alot of homework. i dont even start to do one in this weekend. IM JUST NOT IN THE MOOD! (actually i dont know how to start, i dont understand how to do the homework :()

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