Stegreifaufgabe 4: PAPP - Stuhl aus Pappe :)

we have to make a chair from carton! yes carton! mine was so-so, the prof said the idea is good.. but we shall work more 'clean'.. na ja, its our last project from Entwerfen & Gestalten I this year.. next year will be start with another presentation from our new project: Villa! Finally we'll design a house!

back to the chair, here some pictures for you ;)

its my chair, i worked with Nicole, we made a couch.. its look like a frank gery chair (na ja einbischen!)..


rusiana luthfie said...

keren2 ya tya! gokil! hehehehe..pny tya jg keren abis!:)

ChenTya said...

who the hell are you anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Interesting for me//