Vira cut my bang and i wear a new Escada glasses~


How are you guys doing? Me so excited the x-mas break coming in a week. The bad news is im lazy to go to the class these days. I have no ........................... spirit. Thats shit. I know. So as i come back to my room today, i have this idea to cut my bang! I call Vira and go to her room, to return her dress and to ask her to cut my bang! YAY! And she did it, now i have a new bang! I love it so much.

And... as always, i've got alot of assignments. From Mueller about the climate protection. From Giebler, finish the Wanderhutte (cottage). From Onnen-Weber and Rothmaler, finish the villa near the beach. And alsooooo drawing from Lorenz. AHHHHHHHH I HAVE NO SPIRIT!!!!! But keine Lust to do those at xmas break. What a pity xmas break.

Talking about Xmas, me and the indonesians are going to xmas markt tomorow!


rusianaluthfie said...

tya lucu banget poni barunyaaa! cantik cantik cantik!!:) btw beli glasses dimana tyaaaa?? huhu bknnya mahal2 disini yaaa?:(

the yapper! said...

wow glasesnya keren!

btw, bang itu apaan ya?

ChenTya said...

@ina: hehehe belinya di indo, punya nyokap gw gw embat...... tadinya itu sun glasses gt cuma gw ganti aja pake lensa biasa...... hehehehehehe

@sherinsky: hehehehe bang bukannya poni ya sher? apa gw salah pengertian?