crave you

why cant you want me like the other boys do? they stare at me while i stare at you
why cant i keep you safe as my own? one moment i have you the next are gone
rehearsed steps on an empty stage, that boy's got mz heart in a silver cage
why cant you want me like the other boys do? they stare at me while i crave you

i keep playing the same song since................... i dont know (since the holiday came?), i was boring to death to stay alone in a 150qm flat. i really want to travel out of Wismar, but again, as a good student my duty is to pass the semester smoothly with null subject failed. and this semester is crazy! too much to learn! so i´ve decided to stay in Wismar during the xmas holiday or i will never pass this semester. good decision right? i´ve been listening the song during i cook, i sleep, i learn, i do push up (for my gods sake, i can do push up right now! blame it on boringness), and i dance. i learn and dance and dance and learn. is it what people called, winter depression? well, i call it winter survival. anyway the song is sooooo me. i think any girl can related to the song at the same point, otherwise the beat is so catchy! dont you think?


winter holiday is coming! xmas is coming in 2 weeks! we had a nice dinner bei Mühlengrube (our cool WG) last saturday. really good food. good dress. and only good friends. good games, we played activity and "have you ever done". we also exchanged present for each other. i got a cool vintage necklaces from Melanie and unfortunetely Melanie got my present too, i gave her my vintage leather book ;) i like wichtel party. i feel like im home. although i know im going to be alone in this WG in the next two weeks! coz the GIRLS are going home next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except me.

btw im going to HH with Hoa for some parties this weekend. the last party in 2010 and then i'll fight till drop for the exams and projects, that i never touch before, omg im so lazyyyy this semester!! so see you at some clubs at Reppebahn on Friday night and Push the Button Party on Saturday for some technossssssssssssssss? im so excited.


ich mag Wismar, ich mag dich, ich mag meine Hochschule, ich mag dich

Es tut mir so leid, Wismar. Aber ich mag dich einbischen weniger. Es gibt nicht mehr so viel Überaschung von dir. Es gibt kein Spaß mehr. Oder liegt das wegen dem Wetter? Weiss ich nicht.


first day of snow in Wismar and Nicis car

the uncoolest thing from our house is HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND A PARKING PLACE. i dont have car but my friends do. she was so mad because of the police left two bills for her car this morning in time of 30 minutes. 30 euros for wrong parking.



I was never so lazy before like i do to this project! An Infobox for a new real estate in Rostock. Im looking forward for my semester holiday, i dont care about my grade for this project.


You know that you re an Indonesian when:

You know that you re an Indonesian when:

Your stomach growls when you don't eat rice for a day.

You believe kecap ABC could turn bad cooking to gourmet food.

You talk during a movie.

You eat fried rice in the morning.

You prefer Versace or Moschino jeans over Gap or Levi's.

You don't think Jim Carrey is funny.

You think Onky Alexander is a hunk.

You think Rhoma Irama is kampungan.

You carry a 16 oz. jar of sambal to where ever you travel.

Driving a car that is cheaper than $15,000 embarrasses you.

You think dangdut is stupid, but listen to it anyways, because you are homesick.

You are willing to travel 25 miles to buy tahu and tempe .

You are very good at avoiding potholes and other road hazards.

Your local McDonald's serves rice and sambal.

You think Supermi is a staple food.

You have ever tried passing a Rp 50 coin as a quarter in a US vending machine/pay phone.

You have ever successfully bribed a police officer.

You have ever successfully bribed a customs officer.

You do your shopping in Singapore .

Your drivers license claims you are 5 years older then you really are.

You have ever legally bought pirated software.

You have ever been forced to memorize UUD'45.

You have bought something from a barefooted street peddler.

You know exactly how many islands Indonesia has.

You have ever eaten something sold off a cart on wheels.

You realized that money is everything before you were six.

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word " Jakarta " is "macet".

Someone you know has ever ridden on top of a train.

Your daily commute includes thinking up new ways to ride the city bus for free.

You don't mind people being late.

You think standing in line is a waste of time.

You have tried every Monday of your youth trying to avoid upacara bendera.

You have used a mosquito repellant that looks like a coil and is lit on one end.

You use the terms "Ni yee", "-lah yauw" and "Ih, jijay" on daily basis

You know what Pancasila is, what it means and know it by heart.

You complain that movies in America don't have sub-titles.

Your daily conversation may include enactments of TV commercials.

You have ever consulted a dukun.

Your whole class has ever cheated on a test, and gotten away with it.

You have ever spent the night before an exam looking for someone who sells the questions.

You like the smell of terasi.

You think the Thomas Cup is equal to the Super Bowl.

You can name a manufacturer of shuttlecocks/ badminton birdies.

You have a 16' satellite dish hidden in your backyard.

You have ever ridden in a motor vehicle with three wheels.

You miss your maid during laundry day.

Your clothing has brand names printed on it that is visible from 50' away.

You attend weddings only until you are done eating.

You have attended weddings that you are not invited to.

You go to McDonald's to get your weekly supply of ketchup, salt, pepper and napkins.

You know more than one music group that stole the tune of Cranberries' "Zombie".

You have a can of Baygon on your kitchen table.

You make major decisions based on gengsi.

You take advantage of Wal-Mart's 30 days money-back-guarantee to "borrow" home appliances.

Someone in your family has extra pockets in his outfit to hide cookies from the all-you-can- eat bar.

You have paid more then $1000 to get your name on your license plate.

When watching TV you regularly find that all the channels broadcast the same thing.

You know more than 10 acronyms/abbreviati ons.

You set the ring tone of your cell phone as loud as possible.

You spend your weekends at an expensive five star hotel near your house.

You have one of those gigantic 5000 watts stereo system eventhough you can't turn it as loud as you can since you live in a crowded neighborhood.

Your Toyota Kijang is packed with bull bar, fog lights, roof rail, car alarm, expensive car audio, gold plated emblems, tail light "protector", racing steering wheels, sportsmuffler, lowered suspension, 17 inch wheels with expensive tires, etc. Yet you find them not gaul enough.

You are able to squeeze 15 passengers in your Toyota Kijang.

If you're rich, you buy a huge 50.000 dollars imported SUV and demands it to run minimal 12 kilometers with a liter of gas.

You refuse to buy unleaded gas for your imported car even though it costs less than 20 cents a liter.

You have your drivers license at the age of 14.

You got it without any driving tests.

You are unfamiliar with electric stove.

You are even more unfamiliar with microwave ovens.

If you're a student, your main purpose in life is to succeed in UMPTN and get into a Universitas Negeri.

If you've graduated from college, your main purpose in life is to find an easy job with big salary at a foreign company even if you have to stay unemployed for five years to find one.

If you finally got a job, your main purpose in life is now to get a wife/husband that's rich, from a "good" family, and the most importantly good looking in order to memperbaiki keturunan .

You're proud to be Indonesian - and you pass these jokes on to all your Indonesian friends!

lie to not to lie


i got new haircut again yesterday. cause lesson learned. i have to forgive my self.



the last photo is my fav, i love halloween and our WG is too cool!!!


i broke my keys lock this morning. UNGLAUBLICH NE?

tell me whats wrong with me?

everythings went not well these days. i wanna go home. . . .

peinliche days and my bike

first, the police catched me up at the end of the night for riding the bike without lamp,
and had to pay 10 euro,
a week later, i lost my bike's key,
and then i lost my bike, yes, my two years old bike,
and then i had to repair by my self and pay 10 euro for that and the new bike,
and then i met that bitch that i used to curse at Fahrradman,
few days later i fell from my bike in the middle of the whoop-de-do at hafen,
today after i lock up my new bike with my new lock, i was caught doing belly dancing in front of our show window.. peinlich..


Current priorities:
1. Study hard(core)
2. Saving up(harder) for winter break

So baby.. im back


after 74 days of China, im back in Germany. its almost been 2 weeks of cold wheather (before went to Germany, China is still hanging at 30 degree, GOSH!). i've spent my first week with Nici, visited this and there including Nici's family, boyfriend and bestfriends, we also visited Melanie's family at Goslar. and of course, they are so nice and welcome to me. speaking about knowing each other parents, THE GIRLS also visited my parents when we were in Beijing (they even met my cousin that come from Malaysia), Mom made Hot Pot for us and dad came home late and said "wow, i got 7 kids now!". My parents like my bestfriends. Isn't that wonderful? And nope, we're not getting married or something but we're going to sleep at the same house for one year or maybe more. We're now officially move!

The house that we're moved in was actually a nightmare. I even thought the idea of moving in together was my biggest mistake ever. Why? Because it caused alot of trouble after that. We have a really fckn renter. The house was terrible fucked up. We had to work alot. So we worked alot during this one week. We've clean the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and the sleeping rooms. We have a big house so it was alot of work to do!! It's been our fifth bottle of wine and our second bottle of vodka during the week, can you imagine how hard is it? :P

Long but short, the house is now normal to lived. And nightmare is slowly dissappear. And im start liking the idea of moving in togehter. In this one week we always have breakfast and dinner together, is the feel like im home and not alone in Germany. We also have a new bycycle track to Uni, with the view of wismar's harbour. Isn't that nice?

Anyway, new semester, new house, new hair (:P) and new ... spirit. i hope this semester also well like before. Have a nice day!

my first potrait drawing

the face looks longer, the eyes part showed you that im just amateur drawer. i've been practicing my hand for potrait drawing this summer, but i feel there is no big improvement -_-;;;;

6 years seems like yesterday


yes baby, she just back from her home country Mongolia :) i was soooooo happy to meet her again in Beijing, Beijing has changed but not our friendship!! fyi: she was my bff in middle school, we were like the only Mongolian and the only Indonesian in the class and the others are Korean LOL
and 6 years seems like yesterday, alot of story we've updated last night, cant believe she will finish her master degree next semester and im still at my second year of my bachelor and we're both single!!!! she just broke up with her chinese boyfie because of culture history of their country LOL
she tooks me to one Mexican Restobar in Sanlitun, i can say they got the best cocktail ever and beautiful view from the balcon lounge! and they even gave us free sombrero hat.



my 3 weeks old new haircut and im feeling blue right now. just got email from my prof, that my i didnt pass the exam, i got 5. YOU KNOW HOW THAT FEEL? for the first time in your life, got a 5 for an exam???????????????? i knew, that i've been playing too much, but i thought everythings gonna be easier for me. I WAS WRONG. the prof hates me already. im still thinking about how am gonna pass next semester? the modul is just too much. i have to do the exam from 5 sem (coz of exchange sem) and also 2 more extra moduls. FUCK. i hate my summer. I HATE IT SO MUCH. i have no lust of shopping anymore. ISN'T THAT TOO BAD? now i dont want to go back to Germany but yet to stay in China.


the 'great firewall china' has been cracked!

and i can open facebook, twitter and blogger again :) (at least for now)

im doing great here, i joined alot of sport class lately but i dont think my diet could work here :( the food here is just too much!!!

still thinking what im gonna do with, and what im gonna post here..

what do you want to know/read?

anyway, i've got new haircut, everybody's like it, including me too!

love love from Beijing ;)

nihao aus China!

my dear reader,

im very sorry that i didnt post anything here anymore! im not moved. im just temporarly moved to

and yes im in China till September, i cant open Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Blogger here. They blocked everything!
They also blocked the software that my brother normally used to open them. But i think i found something interesting here,
ive found a website that can open everything! (after 2 hours typing in google with hint: Facebook in China, access Facebook China, unproxy china, open Facebook china, i've tried everything!!!) FIUH!


life is normal here, it just too hot, i mean the wheather!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant live without air conditioner!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway, then... i wish you all happy holiday! and dont forget to visit my new web!

ganbei aus Peking!!!!
<3 tya

a lil pause

yuhuuuuuuuuu finally im spending my night at my room (again). after last week of atelier hectic life and end up with beautiful dreamy weekend. I HAVE TO WAKE UP TO FACE THE REALITY: THAT MY EXAM IS IN THE NEXT 12 DAYS. got the exam plan already
  • i'll have one end presentation on 18 June..
  • i'll have another end presentation on 22 June..
  • and come Baurecht exam on 24 June..
  • Tragwerksplanungsaufgabe's due is on 25 June
  • Denkmalpflege Hausarbeit's due is on 31 July
  • Baugeschichte Hausarbeit's due is on 31 July too
ouyeah.. just remember tya: "what doesnt kill you, only makes you stronger", i hope everythings going well like last semester.

random thoughts (to be continue)

Do you know what i hate about summer here? That we think that the wheather is too beautiful to just stay in your studio and making your fucking boring model. And sometimes we think that we have enough time to just do it in your weekend and go outside have some fun and then in your weekend, you'll realised that "WHY DONT YOU MAKE IT YESTERDAY? BLOODY HELL I HAVE TOO MANY THINGS TO DO!!!"

That what happens to me this week. Im spending my night till 2 am (most of) in my studio. I cant do this anymore. OMG. And my record was till 6 am in the next morning. And my work was never done till nowww. I want to scream looooooooud, i want a holiday, i want a REAL holiday. Too many things to think.

Here are my random 'worry' thoughts lately:
  • i fly in the same day with BAUGESCHICHTE PRUEFUNG, thats why i hate my ticket
  • because of my ticket too, i cant attend DIA-party at Hochschule, can you imagine how i hate my ticket?
  • my study progress for exams: 10% and the exams are in fucking 2 weeks. DAMN im too lazy this semester, i spent too too toooo much time for partying. not good.
  • WE GOT A NEW FLAT!!!! yes its a loft!!!! yuhuhuhuhuuhuhu... we're going to move to this new loft this summer.. next semester will be fun, I SWEAR IT WILL! (aber bitte weniger party na maedels!!!!)
  • being alone ist BLÖD. but i kinda like it.

Geburstag Party von David


SO! Ich war letzte wochenende in Ribnitz (ungefaehr 10 minuten von Rostock). David hatte ne Geburstag Party und ich wurde eingeladen. Also, ich bin mit Marshall hingefahren.. und mussten wir keine Ticket bezahlen. Weil wir SCHWARZ gefahren sind. I know this bad. Aber egal.

Die Party war.. gut, die Leute waren nett, David's Haus ist schoen, und die Eltern von David sind so nett zu uns. Die Essen waren die besten!!!! Oh.. gerne wieder!

Dear Lady Rain and the God of Thunder,

thank you for making all so easy.. and thank you for 2 years bitter sweet of you..


so this is one of 90 last photos that i took with Fitra, which now officialy my ex-bf. dont ask why. dont blame it on him, it's not his fault, it's my fault. but.. everything will be alright..

Sarah's Portfolio

Hohoho it was a photoshoot with Sarah, one of jewelry design student here in Wismar.. I love her jewelry, they're so cool! And i got one from her..

Im living in a room of hell (hell unclean!)

So this is what i've done during 1 week of excursion holiday:
  • spending time with nothing but starring of my computer, blame it on facebook!!!!
  • i think i ate too much these days, i didnt cook but buying some fast food.
  • ton of lazyness are builded in my bottom of brain: everytime i want to do my work, i always think "ah dont worry, you still got 5 days left, your works are going to be done just in 1 day" OH HELL YEAH.. im starting to draw AND................. its never ending story till now
  • i also lazy to clean my room. my fuckin room is now officially like hell. i sleep with dirty dishes, 'unread but laid on the floor' book, some dirty laundry, bag and shirt are everywhere on the floor, oh what sins i've done before!?!?!?!?
i need motivation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and i need somebody help me to do my TWP aufgabe!!!!!!)



i woke up this morning with lazyness in my head. alot of thing still need to do BUT im still doing my biggest procrastination. Ever. Here is the review of everythings that i need to do:

Tragwerksplanung Aufgabe! I dont even understand how to do it!!!!!!!! Somebody help me please!!

Baukonstruktion Buerogebaeude: Model, Model 1:10, Drawing 1:10 (i believed my partner doing the drawing right now, i hope)

Entwerfen und Gestalten 2: Das Modell, Die Zeichnung, oh no! I dont even have a good Konzept!

Denkmalpflege Referat! We're starting to do it since last week, im with my group!

Study Baurecht and Baugeschichte

CAD Aufgabe, im thinking about to upgrade my laptop and make it double operation system.. but still dont know..