Like the song from Madonna "Celebration", me and the girls (Nici, Hoa, Melanie) + Philip went to celebrate the end of our semester 1. The girls were crazy (Thx for having them!!). They kidnapped me to joined them go to Hamburg. And guest where are we going? Reepperbahn. Spent the whole night there and went home in the morning by Philip's car. Went to 3 different clubs and find out that Paris (a club's name) was good. was real good.

In the snowy stormy day, Philip drove his car slowly. Which made our way to HH a lil bit slowly by the arrival and SUPER slowly by the homewards. But afterall it was a cool experience and FUN!! We should do this again next sem, what was the next destination girls? Prague :P?

Ps: I had 2 exams and i passed them with unbelieveble score, 1.0 and 1.7. Was it am i to lucky or am i real good? hehehehe.. happy holiday everyone, im going to Peking tomorow!


23 January 2010: I TURN 20!

2 days ago i turned 20 and i've got a surprise birthday party in the middle of night (in the middle of my busy time learning for monday exam). Fitra and friends came into my room, with foods and drinks and just a perfect night.

It was the second time i received such a surprise here in Wismar, the first one was when i turned 19 and the second one was 2 days ago. With different people (but same boyfriend hehe). I specially thank you guys that are willing to come to my room in the middle of the night, in the middle of your study exam time, in the middle of snow and cold. Im touched!

As i turned 20, i realize, nothing really changed about me. I learned alot with knowing different people. And im kinda be thankful to God for giving me such a nice place for me, for being around with good people, at my class and at the city.

*i received alot of bday wishes from Facebook and Studivz, once again! Thk you for making my day!

my first exam

I passed!!!!!!!!!!! I just cant believe the score, omg, thx god for giving me a lucky time. i hope it will be continue to next exam. Im so can't wait to go to China.

love love, Tya

4. Stegreif : das Ferienhaus an der Ostsee

ich habe die Aufgabe mit Johannes zusammen gemacht... ein Ferienhaus mit einem Schlafzimmer, Badezimmer und Kueche.. und noch einen grosses Wohnraum.. das Haus finde ich ganz normal.. nicht besonders..


Meine Darstellende Geometrie Zeichnung

Naaaaa....... i should not to post this, BUT i really want to blog! Tell ya:
  • in 11 days im flying to Beijing, my brothers are already having their holiday since yesterday, they told me they've done a good score at all subject but chinese class! and i can't wait to take them (maybe they take me ;P) to visit those places (klik here!)
  • in 5 days im having my first exam at my first semester in Germany, it's an 'interview like' exam (i dont how to say mundliche Pruefung in english), my schedule is at afternoon, im the last.
  • in 9 days im having my second and my last exam for this semester. I really have a big pesimistic feeling for this exam. I dont know why. Im afraid of the subject.
And now, while im doing my portfolio for the exam that im having in 5 days, i wanna share my draw at Darstellende Geometrie class. We learn about Perspective alot this semester. These work are simply stressing me out sometime when i unexpectedly done a wrong line on the paper at the last minute of finishing. But know its all done, i passed all the work on time!

my first work: Explosionsperspektive

My second work: Perspektive mit zwei Fluchtpunkt. i failed once and have to do all over again. but its ok, im still got a '+'

My third work: Zentralperspektive. I got a '-' this one, but still pass!

My fourth work: Architektur Perspektive.

Ps: Im sorry about closing my blog the whole 2 weeks, i think my blog become unattractive, i need something new, maybe the layout, i want to do it this holiday! Hope you guys like the draws! Mwah!

Hi 2010

SO! This is my first post in 2010. Hows everythings going on? Me is so so. I've spent my new year here in Wismar, i was sleeping during the countdown. I feel the new year is just the same. Why celebrate it so wow? It's just a new year. I was the person that always set some 'wishlist' or 'to do list' every year. But then this year i just realize, that we have to set and refresh our spirit and goal or our plan every month.

I have my own calender that i bring everywhere i can bring, so i can take a look whats for today and whats for tomorow or whats for next two months. I think its better than just writing some goal, and doesnt do or just forget it after 3 months.

Hmm, I have two exams this semester, it will be held on 25th jan and 29th jan. Two days right after the exams, i'll be heading to..................... (tadam2) Beijing! Yap! Im so exicited so i cant wait till 28 days later. BUT FIRST, the exams. I'll do my best and pray for the best too for my first exam in my first semester in HS Wismar as a real Student! Wow.. One Semester is almost already past.. I cant believe in March i will start my second semester..

I have been planning some 'big steps' on my college. Including an exchange student to somewhere.. I cannot wait to finish my bachelor! But first, DEUTSCH. Second, Exams. Verdammt! I have to run! Just remember 'bersakit sakit dahulu, bersenang senang kemudian!'......

Ok, i wish you all a great 2010 andddddd good luck!

PS: Maybe i want to be more carefully on my things at 2010, i dont want to lose my keys, or forget my keys, or lost my student card, or lost my credit card or anything else anymore. Dont be too Tortel tya!