23 January 2010: I TURN 20!

2 days ago i turned 20 and i've got a surprise birthday party in the middle of night (in the middle of my busy time learning for monday exam). Fitra and friends came into my room, with foods and drinks and just a perfect night.

It was the second time i received such a surprise here in Wismar, the first one was when i turned 19 and the second one was 2 days ago. With different people (but same boyfriend hehe). I specially thank you guys that are willing to come to my room in the middle of the night, in the middle of your study exam time, in the middle of snow and cold. Im touched!

As i turned 20, i realize, nothing really changed about me. I learned alot with knowing different people. And im kinda be thankful to God for giving me such a nice place for me, for being around with good people, at my class and at the city.

*i received alot of bday wishes from Facebook and Studivz, once again! Thk you for making my day!

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rusiana luthfie said...

Happy belated bday darliiinngg!! Aku lupa menyapamu lewat FB krn jarang bukaaa..maafkan! Moga2 tahun ini makin rock n roll ya! kisskiss!