Like the song from Madonna "Celebration", me and the girls (Nici, Hoa, Melanie) + Philip went to celebrate the end of our semester 1. The girls were crazy (Thx for having them!!). They kidnapped me to joined them go to Hamburg. And guest where are we going? Reepperbahn. Spent the whole night there and went home in the morning by Philip's car. Went to 3 different clubs and find out that Paris (a club's name) was good. was real good.

In the snowy stormy day, Philip drove his car slowly. Which made our way to HH a lil bit slowly by the arrival and SUPER slowly by the homewards. But afterall it was a cool experience and FUN!! We should do this again next sem, what was the next destination girls? Prague :P?

Ps: I had 2 exams and i passed them with unbelieveble score, 1.0 and 1.7. Was it am i to lucky or am i real good? hehehehe.. happy holiday everyone, im going to Peking tomorow!


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Anonymous said...

next ga ada yang begini2an yah..gak akan ak izinin lg km..
murka gwklo beginiaan..huft