Meine Darstellende Geometrie Zeichnung

Naaaaa....... i should not to post this, BUT i really want to blog! Tell ya:
  • in 11 days im flying to Beijing, my brothers are already having their holiday since yesterday, they told me they've done a good score at all subject but chinese class! and i can't wait to take them (maybe they take me ;P) to visit those places (klik here!)
  • in 5 days im having my first exam at my first semester in Germany, it's an 'interview like' exam (i dont how to say mundliche Pruefung in english), my schedule is at afternoon, im the last.
  • in 9 days im having my second and my last exam for this semester. I really have a big pesimistic feeling for this exam. I dont know why. Im afraid of the subject.
And now, while im doing my portfolio for the exam that im having in 5 days, i wanna share my draw at Darstellende Geometrie class. We learn about Perspective alot this semester. These work are simply stressing me out sometime when i unexpectedly done a wrong line on the paper at the last minute of finishing. But know its all done, i passed all the work on time!

my first work: Explosionsperspektive

My second work: Perspektive mit zwei Fluchtpunkt. i failed once and have to do all over again. but its ok, im still got a '+'

My third work: Zentralperspektive. I got a '-' this one, but still pass!

My fourth work: Architektur Perspektive.

Ps: Im sorry about closing my blog the whole 2 weeks, i think my blog become unattractive, i need something new, maybe the layout, i want to do it this holiday! Hope you guys like the draws! Mwah!

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