lets forget jakarta

For all our love and hate towards the city of Jakarta.

I’m waiting in line to get to where you are
Hope floats up high along the way
I forget Jakarta
All the friendly faces in disguise
This time, I’m closing down this fairytale

And I put all my heart to get to where you are
Maybe it’s time to move away
I forget Jakarta
And all the empty promises will fall
This time, I’m gone to where this journey ends

But if you stay, I will stay
Even though the town’s not what it used to be
And pieces of your life you try to recognize
All went down

I travel the world to get to where you are
Strangers i met along the way
You forget Jakarta
Leaving all the lunacy behind
This time give me back my sanity

Yeah I’m still on my way to get to where you are
Try to let go the things I knew
We’ll forget Jakarta
Promise that we’ll never look behind
Tonight, we’re gone to where this journey ends

And all the pictures that you try to loose
Will follow you behind like ghosts do
And all the lies you try to keep
Have fall behind to catch you even more

i couldnt hide that i miss my friends in Jakarta so much. high school friends are forever, no matter how far you are.. how long you didn't see or even meet each other.. high school friends are the best..

i was living at school's dorm with my highschool friends, 3 years of laugh, tears, joke, bored and love. can you imagine how deep is our friendship? it was like, everyday when you woke up you're with them. despite at the time we hate our school so much, the last year of our high school was the most precious year in my life. we grown up. we had to.

for university, we had to choose our own way. we went to different city or some to different country. some changed, some stay the same, some i realised "you're so my best friend forever!" huhu.. i miss you guys..


Za said...
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Za said...

Wew, you can make it a song, dude!
Nice words anyway... But what if I say, It will take so long to it, forget someone/something/somewhere that deeply scratched our heart, whether it's good or bad :)