hi there

i have been back from China for 4 days, i sleep at 7 pm and woke up at 4 am, what is this called again? jetlag?

and yes, im already starting my new semester. i hope everything is gonna be just fine. i think my german is getting sucker, since i have never spoke german for 30 days in Beijing.

and im in love with this mika's song:


sherinesky! said...

welcome homeeee!!! bawa panda gak dari china? hehehehe..

Qisthas Tsana Noe'man said...

i love this song!!!!!!

ChenTya said...

@sherine....... panda ga bisa di bawa, ga ketemu panda jg, doi ga mau ketemu ama gw gara2 telLu dingin :(

@Qs: me too!!