Geburstag Party von David


SO! Ich war letzte wochenende in Ribnitz (ungefaehr 10 minuten von Rostock). David hatte ne Geburstag Party und ich wurde eingeladen. Also, ich bin mit Marshall hingefahren.. und mussten wir keine Ticket bezahlen. Weil wir SCHWARZ gefahren sind. I know this bad. Aber egal.

Die Party war.. gut, die Leute waren nett, David's Haus ist schoen, und die Eltern von David sind so nett zu uns. Die Essen waren die besten!!!! Oh.. gerne wieder!

Dear Lady Rain and the God of Thunder,

thank you for making all so easy.. and thank you for 2 years bitter sweet of you..


so this is one of 90 last photos that i took with Fitra, which now officialy my ex-bf. dont ask why. dont blame it on him, it's not his fault, it's my fault. but.. everything will be alright..

Sarah's Portfolio

Hohoho it was a photoshoot with Sarah, one of jewelry design student here in Wismar.. I love her jewelry, they're so cool! And i got one from her..

Im living in a room of hell (hell unclean!)

So this is what i've done during 1 week of excursion holiday:
  • spending time with nothing but starring of my computer, blame it on facebook!!!!
  • i think i ate too much these days, i didnt cook but buying some fast food.
  • ton of lazyness are builded in my bottom of brain: everytime i want to do my work, i always think "ah dont worry, you still got 5 days left, your works are going to be done just in 1 day" OH HELL YEAH.. im starting to draw AND................. its never ending story till now
  • i also lazy to clean my room. my fuckin room is now officially like hell. i sleep with dirty dishes, 'unread but laid on the floor' book, some dirty laundry, bag and shirt are everywhere on the floor, oh what sins i've done before!?!?!?!?
i need motivation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and i need somebody help me to do my TWP aufgabe!!!!!!)



i woke up this morning with lazyness in my head. alot of thing still need to do BUT im still doing my biggest procrastination. Ever. Here is the review of everythings that i need to do:

Tragwerksplanung Aufgabe! I dont even understand how to do it!!!!!!!! Somebody help me please!!

Baukonstruktion Buerogebaeude: Model, Model 1:10, Drawing 1:10 (i believed my partner doing the drawing right now, i hope)

Entwerfen und Gestalten 2: Das Modell, Die Zeichnung, oh no! I dont even have a good Konzept!

Denkmalpflege Referat! We're starting to do it since last week, im with my group!

Study Baurecht and Baugeschichte

CAD Aufgabe, im thinking about to upgrade my laptop and make it double operation system.. but still dont know..