Im living in a room of hell (hell unclean!)

So this is what i've done during 1 week of excursion holiday:
  • spending time with nothing but starring of my computer, blame it on facebook!!!!
  • i think i ate too much these days, i didnt cook but buying some fast food.
  • ton of lazyness are builded in my bottom of brain: everytime i want to do my work, i always think "ah dont worry, you still got 5 days left, your works are going to be done just in 1 day" OH HELL YEAH.. im starting to draw AND................. its never ending story till now
  • i also lazy to clean my room. my fuckin room is now officially like hell. i sleep with dirty dishes, 'unread but laid on the floor' book, some dirty laundry, bag and shirt are everywhere on the floor, oh what sins i've done before!?!?!?!?
i need motivation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and i need somebody help me to do my TWP aufgabe!!!!!!)



uthie said...

whoaa. mess. kamar mahasiswa arsitek selalu begitu ya. apalagi di semester-semester sibuk. ntar begitu tugas besar beres kamarku bersih lagi :p lalu, semester lain datang lagi, berantakan lagi :))

ayo dong, semangat semangat semangat. demi masa depan cerah gemilang! \m/

Powerrangga said...

gambarnya bagus2,
aku sendiri lagi belajar desain buat persiapan kuliah hehe

ChenTya said...

@uthie: iya bener bgt... lagi liburan bersih sekali tugas melanda kita tsunami melanda kamar!!! semangat2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (tapi masih males huuhuhu)

@angga: danke nga!!! ayo sama2 semangat!!! thk u jg ya ud visit blog aku~