i woke up this morning with lazyness in my head. alot of thing still need to do BUT im still doing my biggest procrastination. Ever. Here is the review of everythings that i need to do:

Tragwerksplanung Aufgabe! I dont even understand how to do it!!!!!!!! Somebody help me please!!

Baukonstruktion Buerogebaeude: Model, Model 1:10, Drawing 1:10 (i believed my partner doing the drawing right now, i hope)

Entwerfen und Gestalten 2: Das Modell, Die Zeichnung, oh no! I dont even have a good Konzept!

Denkmalpflege Referat! We're starting to do it since last week, im with my group!

Study Baurecht and Baugeschichte

CAD Aufgabe, im thinking about to upgrade my laptop and make it double operation system.. but still dont know..

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