a lil pause

yuhuuuuuuuuu finally im spending my night at my room (again). after last week of atelier hectic life and end up with beautiful dreamy weekend. I HAVE TO WAKE UP TO FACE THE REALITY: THAT MY EXAM IS IN THE NEXT 12 DAYS. got the exam plan already
  • i'll have one end presentation on 18 June..
  • i'll have another end presentation on 22 June..
  • and come Baurecht exam on 24 June..
  • Tragwerksplanungsaufgabe's due is on 25 June
  • Denkmalpflege Hausarbeit's due is on 31 July
  • Baugeschichte Hausarbeit's due is on 31 July too
ouyeah.. just remember tya: "what doesnt kill you, only makes you stronger", i hope everythings going well like last semester.

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