random thoughts (to be continue)

Do you know what i hate about summer here? That we think that the wheather is too beautiful to just stay in your studio and making your fucking boring model. And sometimes we think that we have enough time to just do it in your weekend and go outside have some fun and then in your weekend, you'll realised that "WHY DONT YOU MAKE IT YESTERDAY? BLOODY HELL I HAVE TOO MANY THINGS TO DO!!!"

That what happens to me this week. Im spending my night till 2 am (most of) in my studio. I cant do this anymore. OMG. And my record was till 6 am in the next morning. And my work was never done till nowww. I want to scream looooooooud, i want a holiday, i want a REAL holiday. Too many things to think.

Here are my random 'worry' thoughts lately:
  • i fly in the same day with BAUGESCHICHTE PRUEFUNG, thats why i hate my ticket
  • because of my ticket too, i cant attend DIA-party at Hochschule, can you imagine how i hate my ticket?
  • my study progress for exams: 10% and the exams are in fucking 2 weeks. DAMN im too lazy this semester, i spent too too toooo much time for partying. not good.
  • WE GOT A NEW FLAT!!!! yes its a loft!!!! yuhuhuhuhuuhuhu... we're going to move to this new loft this summer.. next semester will be fun, I SWEAR IT WILL! (aber bitte weniger party na maedels!!!!)
  • being alone ist BLÖD. but i kinda like it.

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