nihao aus China!

my dear reader,

im very sorry that i didnt post anything here anymore! im not moved. im just temporarly moved to

and yes im in China till September, i cant open Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Blogger here. They blocked everything!
They also blocked the software that my brother normally used to open them. But i think i found something interesting here,
ive found a website that can open everything! (after 2 hours typing in google with hint: Facebook in China, access Facebook China, unproxy china, open Facebook china, i've tried everything!!!) FIUH!


life is normal here, it just too hot, i mean the wheather!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant live without air conditioner!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway, then... i wish you all happy holiday! and dont forget to visit my new web!

ganbei aus Peking!!!!
<3 tya

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sherinesky! said...

hei meiling.. LOL.. *ngasal*

have fun ya nek disana.. nitip postcard gambar panda dong! hehehe..

take care, my dear.. :D