my 3 weeks old new haircut and im feeling blue right now. just got email from my prof, that my i didnt pass the exam, i got 5. YOU KNOW HOW THAT FEEL? for the first time in your life, got a 5 for an exam???????????????? i knew, that i've been playing too much, but i thought everythings gonna be easier for me. I WAS WRONG. the prof hates me already. im still thinking about how am gonna pass next semester? the modul is just too much. i have to do the exam from 5 sem (coz of exchange sem) and also 2 more extra moduls. FUCK. i hate my summer. I HATE IT SO MUCH. i have no lust of shopping anymore. ISN'T THAT TOO BAD? now i dont want to go back to Germany but yet to stay in China.


the 'great firewall china' has been cracked!

and i can open facebook, twitter and blogger again :) (at least for now)

im doing great here, i joined alot of sport class lately but i dont think my diet could work here :( the food here is just too much!!!

still thinking what im gonna do with tyainchina.wordpress.com, and what im gonna post here..

what do you want to know/read?

anyway, i've got new haircut, everybody's like it, including me too!

love love from Beijing ;)