winter holiday is coming! xmas is coming in 2 weeks! we had a nice dinner bei Mühlengrube (our cool WG) last saturday. really good food. good dress. and only good friends. good games, we played activity and "have you ever done". we also exchanged present for each other. i got a cool vintage necklaces from Melanie and unfortunetely Melanie got my present too, i gave her my vintage leather book ;) i like wichtel party. i feel like im home. although i know im going to be alone in this WG in the next two weeks! coz the GIRLS are going home next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except me.

btw im going to HH with Hoa for some parties this weekend. the last party in 2010 and then i'll fight till drop for the exams and projects, that i never touch before, omg im so lazyyyy this semester!! so see you at some clubs at Reppebahn on Friday night and Push the Button Party on Saturday for some technossssssssssssssss? im so excited.


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webstar said...

Hamburg is such a diappointing idea. again.

Berlin is your destination. C'mon!