Spent most of my easter holiday sleeping, watching movies, sleeping, alot of ice cream and at saturday Hoa and me went to Insel Poel by bike. We rode for 42,6 km in 2 hours. Oh yea! I become sporty!We only laid down on the beach for 2 hours, gettin light tan and go back. the weather is still cold for wearing your bikini and swimming but it was quite comfortable for riding bike, not too hot not too cold, a lil bit windy.

It was so relaxing! We cancelled Poland because my friend had an accident while she drives. But Poland is still our next destination when i got the time!



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Four Reasons Why Nuclear Power Is Stupid

1. Nuclear waste is a dreadful poison, inimical to all forms of life and impossible to control.

2. There is no guaranteed, failsafe way of disposing of nuclear waste. None. Just doesn’t exist. Even in Britain, we have earthquakes, and we certainly have lots of underground water. It doesn’t matter how deep you bury it, or in what container, it’s inevitably, predictably impossible to prevent leakage and the consequent immense, lasting damage to biology.

3. The nuclear power process is fraught with pollution potential. Just making the stuff creates a million hazards. Where there are humans, there are errors.

4. The nuclear power process is fraught with security issues. I don’t need to explain this one, do I, with eastern Europe awash with people selling enriched uranium. Nuclear power = bombs.

Building new nuclear power stations is going to seriously affect our environment, not just of Britain, but in all probability the entire north western region of Europe, and possibly even wider geographically. Beyond that, we are looking at pollution issues which will outlast current society by multiple thousands of years. Cracks in society, wholesale movement of populations due to climate change, the ending of entire nations, and the draining away of funding – all of these things are going to happen, it’s just a question of when.

With our future so completely unknowable, for politicians to be convinced of their rectitude in making this blind and idiotic choice shows me how barren our leadership has become. While this is something I have long suspected in the UK, with misguided plans for ID cards, and the national travesties of corruption in all its forms playing out before us, I now know that I cannot remain here. Or else, I cannot remain silent, save for creating entertainment for the temporary distraction of the privileged few.

Did I ever tell the story of how my middle name became Radioactive? To paraphrase Blair, this is no time for soundbites. I feel the heavy, glowing hand of Homer Simpson upon my shoulder…

Homemade Pizza and Police

I had one of my uncommon weekend in Wismar last weekend. Me and Hoa went to a friend from our chinese language class. He baked pizza. We are welcomed with the best pizza in the Wismar and good wine. Long story but short, we were about going to dance, and in Wismar its not so easy to find a good club (if there is no students party!). Mensakeller was shit and Block was closed. On the way back home, we met a friend who said that there is A24 in Wismar. So we decided to go there, Hoa drived the car eventhough she was drinking in the past 2 hours. BUT THEEEN, she hits another car when she's about to go out from the parking place. And we were loud and fightin about the car and somehow the police came. And we were wrong. Hoa needs to do alcohol test, a friend from us too, me not, coz i dont have driving license in Germany. Its my second experience 'gettin in touch' with the police in Germany after my light accident last year. Bye bye Hoa's driving license, and Hoa I know you can live without car! Im proud of you baby!


the art of rocker doing yoga


I never thought that getting an internship for summer is a pain in my ass. I sent many applications to many offices in Germany and China. And what I got? Nothing. Some sent me back that they didnt have any free position or they dont need me. Some just stay in silent.

My days has been very nice lately. I enjoy the smell of spring. The beginning of this years, fyi my trip to Italy, motivated me to always have my appetite for life in bad or good condition. Met alot of amazing people inspired to be a better person. Stucked in a drama condition in the last 6 months in the end of 2010 is the way i learned life. Never regret something you done in the past, learn from it.

And now, here i am. Sitting under the sunlight, writing my blog, enjoying my saturday, saving up some money for easter holiday (Im going to wander Poland for a week!). Just had my deadline yesterday, slept 12 hours after the presentation done. Fuh. But I enjoy it. For sure.


these videos make me craving more and more roskilde. next year baby next year!!