the art of rocker doing yoga


I never thought that getting an internship for summer is a pain in my ass. I sent many applications to many offices in Germany and China. And what I got? Nothing. Some sent me back that they didnt have any free position or they dont need me. Some just stay in silent.

My days has been very nice lately. I enjoy the smell of spring. The beginning of this years, fyi my trip to Italy, motivated me to always have my appetite for life in bad or good condition. Met alot of amazing people inspired to be a better person. Stucked in a drama condition in the last 6 months in the end of 2010 is the way i learned life. Never regret something you done in the past, learn from it.

And now, here i am. Sitting under the sunlight, writing my blog, enjoying my saturday, saving up some money for easter holiday (Im going to wander Poland for a week!). Just had my deadline yesterday, slept 12 hours after the presentation done. Fuh. But I enjoy it. For sure.

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