Homemade Pizza and Police

I had one of my uncommon weekend in Wismar last weekend. Me and Hoa went to a friend from our chinese language class. He baked pizza. We are welcomed with the best pizza in the Wismar and good wine. Long story but short, we were about going to dance, and in Wismar its not so easy to find a good club (if there is no students party!). Mensakeller was shit and Block was closed. On the way back home, we met a friend who said that there is A24 in Wismar. So we decided to go there, Hoa drived the car eventhough she was drinking in the past 2 hours. BUT THEEEN, she hits another car when she's about to go out from the parking place. And we were loud and fightin about the car and somehow the police came. And we were wrong. Hoa needs to do alcohol test, a friend from us too, me not, coz i dont have driving license in Germany. Its my second experience 'gettin in touch' with the police in Germany after my light accident last year. Bye bye Hoa's driving license, and Hoa I know you can live without car! Im proud of you baby!


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webstar said...

der junge guckt ihr ja auf die brüste