What love? FOOD?

‎"Jangan pernah membuang mimpimu karena aku. Jangan pernah memikirkan aku, tetaplah lakukan apa yang kamu inginkan. Cinta itu bukanlah 2 anak manusia yg berjalan menelusuri jalan yg sama dengan bergandengan tangan. Namun walaupun sekarang berjalan seorang diri di jalan masing-masing pada akhirnya juga akan saling menemukan jalan menuju dia yang dicintai. Maka, teruslah berjalan di jalanmu & aku akan menelusuri jalanku sampai aku menemukan jalan kembali kepadamu." -FN-

It was Daniel's status that i read this morning. That remind me of something called.. errr.. love.

After my big crash in the last 5 months, I commited my self not to have boyfriend. I pushed my self everytime there is a chance like "Eww love! what kind of food are you?". I commited my self not to have boyfriend unless he's the one. Which sounds more unrealistic to have boyfriend in my age right now.

Eventhough my 5 years plan that i've made when i was 17, was getting married in the age 22, which mean next year! Which is totally IMPOSSIBLE. Because.. First, I don't have boyfriend. Sorry. First, I don't want to have boyfriend. Nope. First, I can't imagine what kind of husband I want. Or.. maybe the type of husband that I want in the last 5 years and now are different. The image of husband that I want is changed. Or.. The world has changed me into "independent woman" (the image that I've always wanted since last 5 months!). Yes baby, I'm changed.

Back to topic food, I mean love. I mean you. I changed my self every... I don't know. Maybe tomorow, I'll decided to have boyfriend. Maybe not till the end of my 25. I'm unstable. Judge me. But what we have right now, let it be just like that. Don't ask why, don't ask my feeling. Neither my self can tell what it is. Lets see what life lead us to be.


Dira Nrv. said...

love. I hate and love and hate and yet love this food!

Daniel W.P Hutagalung said...

just read this post! XD