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So this is a lil update from me, i'm back in Wismar and currently enjoying my free time in 6th semester here (well, the bachelor thesis panic hasnt started yet). Here what happened in 2011 that I might (or not) forget:

>> I did my internship in Beijing, in a japanese office. I completely realized why I don't want to be an architect.

>> Visited:
China: Beijing, Shenyang (lived for 5 months), Harbin (ice festival!), Panjin (did a project there!), Lvshun, Hohhot (inner Mongolia), 10 days in Yunnan Province (Kunming, Dali, Lijiang + almost Shangrila), Hongkong & Macau (with Hasan).
South East: Saigon (I dont really like the city but truely want to come back for other city), Manila (3 days visit).

>> I met alot of new friends in Shenyang during my Exchange Program. I understand the word networking.

>> I did my advance chinese class (well i'm better than this actually! :P)

>> Milk Tea addiction after China Stay. Oh yea, Im in LOVE with China AGAIN. It's funny that you know that you hate the land, the bad air, the "i don't care if I hurt you, the important things i got what I want" people on the street, the bus with thousand of people, the laugh when I did something wrong. But I just want to come back there AGAIN. Maybe this time better be Hongkong?

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