I'm still preparing something big. . .

33. Malaikat aja ga bisa ngerubah seseorang, apalagi kita. #Jodoh

34. Kita cuma bisa ngerubah diri kita, dan jodoh PASTI mirip diri kita.#Jodoh


4 days before deadline, my internet doesn't work on my windows, i have to switch to mac everytime i need an internet-break. this is kinda a good thing, that i can focus more on doing my drawing.

Anyway, I just want to share Self Radical Love from Gala Darling. Which totally true and inspiring. This is her words:

"Strive to always be thankful & optimistic. Focus your gaze on what is good & positive; never dwell on the negative. Do not allow life to make you cynical or closed off. Remaining open & true to yourself is a life-long adventure, & the only one worth having. Choose to see the best in people. Strike up conversations with strangers. Never be afraid to ask for what you really, really want . To love, purely & fiercely, without agenda, is the most terrifying & rewarding thing you'll ever do. Travel is essential to the spirit. A pair of great shoes means nothing if you have an ugly heart. Try your hardest not to judge anyone else; it never leads anywhere good. Always avoid tabloids & gossip; they destroy the soul. Be kind & loyal. Many things in this world are more important than money. Always trust your intuition, always. Rescue animals, it will strengthen your heart. Never delight in anyone else's misery. Trust in others. You are your own best investment. Believe in the magic of a new day & a fresh start. Follow your bliss. Do more of what you love. When people offer you opportunities that scare you, say yes: it's the very best way to grow. You are never as stuck as you thing. Stay eager. Love yourself. Say yes to the adventure of live."

The words with orange marks are my favorite. 

Her video made my day, happy hari Kartini ;)

Time to switch to windows again!




Starting tomorow im going to transform my self into dracula (or vampire? which one is better?)

So many things to do, so little time. I say that always when it's a week before presentation. And the more I say Im busy the more often I update my blog (unglaublich oder!?). Thanks God, it's my last semester. Gonna miss this shit so much!

Btw check out my Wind Playlist for working time playlist hohohoho.. (somebody says that I have a bad taste of music!!!! Unglaublich, this is pretty much what I feel :P:PxP)

Wish me luck people...

Xoxo Tya


in March we had a gathering from Chinese students, ex-German exchange students in China (including me) and new friend from Germany.

We made a hotpot. Good long chat. Good food.

In picture you can see the different between... asian and caucasian! hahaha

why so serious guys!?

It wasn't outfit post


Listening to Lykke Li songs lately. Go to Gym like almost everyday (do you see the different already? hoho). Presentation is waiting for me, the next 2 weeks will be sleepless night i supposed. Passion Fruit Body Butter from Body Shop is my new obsession, use it everytime after i touch water ;)

And somebody think his voice kinda give me a peaceful mind, maybe he's right.

blogger has a new look! so does my friend!


Well it was a shisa night at Nicole's WG. Mel boy got long hair, she curls it in some occassion. Nicole got a rasta. I have a new flatmate who comes from Honduras. And my hair is no longer an emo hair. 

Can't believe it's been almost 3 years.. since.. I started my study. 4 years with Studienkolleg! God! Can't believe I survived 4 fuckin years in Wismar..