Edisi rada cengeng: kota baru, inikah jalan gw? 

Kalo gw tetep lanjut kuliah di Wismar, gw bisa membayangkan: gw bakal duduk bareng Mel B & Nici. choosing the easiest elective course based on the nicest prof (which I've already known, mana yg Auslaenderfreundlich mana yg ngga). hafal luar dalam modul-modul nya gmn. normal life, asrama-kamar, dan tentu saja, kamarnya jg itu2 aja, mentok2 pindah yg lebih mahal dikit with the view of old town. boring.

Yang gw rasain skrg: betapa susahnya cari kamar di Ms, ralat: betapa susahnya cari kamar di kota kecil tapi rame ini. betapa susahnya cari temen yg klop (ya Tuhan, beri gw temen2 seasik temen2 gw di Wismar, yang mengerti latar belakang gw, respek dgn kepercayaan yg gw anut, yang rajin so gw keikut rajin, pls beri gw temen2 baru yang luar biasa) AMIN. well, modul apa yg gw ambil dari prof sapa, semuanya gw ambil gambling. Syukur2 Prof nya ramah murah nilai, kalo ga tolong pls ya Allah agar mereka fair menilai org. That's the challange of moving to a new city. you start it again, all new. and you know that sometimes new shoes always hurt.. 

Tomorow is my first class. I bet I'm a lil bit nervous.

Greets from Ms. 



I'm leaving Beijing tomorow. I packed my stuff. 1 huge luggage and a cabin luggage, both of them are full like always. This time maybe for a long time.. since my parents are moving back to Indonesia this year. China will always be in my heart, just like what I've said, when I left Beijing 8 years ago. Who knows, what life bring us in the next 5 years.

The good news from me is I'm temporary not homeless till October come. Yay. I'm fully charged for the new semester, new adventure in the new city. I've been officially wearing hijab for 1,5 months and never thought to take it off! Well, everybody are asking me: "why on earth you now start wearing hijab?", my decision is more like the answer about I've wrote on the previous posts. That I'm preparing something big, something that can impact me in a good way and challange me to be a better person. I'm mending my soul, renovating my behaviour, restoring my Iman. Long lasting happiness, not a regret, that's what I seek.