i was in Vienna just because to see Delugan's office for 1 hour and then consultation about our project which only take another 1 hour. for that we had to pay 1 week in Vienna. i'm not complaning about the money, but the time. im not having my fun walking in a group, am i weird? my extrovert side is not on the mood of meeting new people and i dont have motivation to do the project. fuck my decision, why i've decided to study 2 more years architecture? i need a pause. give me home, i want to go back, home.

P/A/R/I/S edition

been travelling like ghost these days. almost a week in paris, a weekend in berlin, a week in vienna. i thought i like travelling, no i didn't. i don't really have a lot of travel experience but i've realised i better like to travel alone and have a moment with my self OR you travel with your best BEST friends, which till now i have the girls that no one can replace them. ahhh.. i have this drama of missing my old friends, but i do miss them alot. if you go back to the time, the time that we've conquered chinese cities in 2010, helsinki, estonia's land, copenhaagen, groningen, not to forget berlin & hamburg. ok, enough said. 

paris is not romantic at all. i'm not going back there unless i'm going with my lover to see LC masterpiece, villa savoye.