goodbye 2012, hello 2013

So... Hoa and I are whatsapp-ing about our new years eve party when we were in Shenyang. It was in the club, full of smoke and alcohol, full of creepy people, we cant even dance because it was too crowded. After counting down the night we decided to go home and stop by in Mc Donalds waiting our dormitory gate to be open till 5 am. Yea.. rite.. we were starting the year 2012 with eating burger in fastfood restaurant. What a perfect night.

Time moved so fast and I think I've made some significant changes. Life is so unpredictable. Here my 2012 year review for my self..

January: Ending up my exchange semester in Shenyang. Family trip to Yunnan Province.
February: Beijing for home.
March: Starting my last project of my study. Old friend, old city.
April: Start the gym.
May: Seeing him again, im a happy girl.
June: Having a hard time with sickness during the process of Thesis ending up with Presentation went well, I finally got the BA title.
July: Starting my Hijab.
August: Another holiday in Beijing. Getting hyper-excited when my phone got a call from +966
Sept: New city, new school, new friends. Having a hard time finding an apartment in Ms.
Oct: Paris Project. Start to join the liqo group.
Nov: I sucked Wien Project.
Dec: Frankfurt Project. Planning something big next year..

So my new year eve scene this year is more orderly. Had dinner with my friends from Wismar, played the fireworks, sleep tight without being drunk. Start your year with always being positive. Happy new year everyone!