ps: update from us

We've just move in to a new place, a cool old apartment in central Dortmund. The apartment is so cool and i really mean it! It's so vintage and white. But seriously, moving in the middle of semester is just too stressful. Glad we passed it already! Thank you so much for those who helped us! 

Now is time for decorating... oh wait, did i mention that being married is AWESOME? 

the wedding #1

Well, Eky and me are officially husband and wife since Feb 17th 2013. Im so über happy, never thought that being married is THIS AWESOME! We were getting married in Cibubur, Kota Wisata, at my parents place. It was all so suddenly that we only tell and invite our good friends. Sorry about that, but I will post more photos from the wedding! I promise! XP