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Got one exam on Tuesday and another exam next Tuesday and then another fckn exam next Thursday.
Sometime i feel i lost my guts, i shouldnt take this master course. I want holiday. I miss Indonesia. All my brothers are going home this summer :(

Anyway this will be my first Ramadan with Eky.

Being a wife is cool. You got someone cuddled you everynight, when you come home tired, there is someone who cooked for you, you dont have to clean the house alone, you dont have stay up till morning alone doing your fckn project. You have your coffee mate. There is reason to decor your house ;) (planning to buy bistro gardine for kitchen!)

Ciao! Goodluck with all the exams people!

I've been..

Nicole came to visit me last Thursday, she brought me a giant lolipop and i put it in an Arizona bottle. She may be studying in Muenster next semester! Oh je! (Yes, I know, I need to clean the window!)

I've been trying alot of recipes lately, it is nice to have someone to taste your cooks! like what I said, married is awesome! xP

Loving our self builded kitchen set so much! Love to spend time here in the kitchen! Especially in the morning :D